Bienvenue chez moi (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Welcome to My Place

To you who have walked for so long
When the rain pours down
When the years pass
When the road steals your nights
When it's always Saturday..
To you the one looking for shelter
Who would give your hands
For just a little work
Who tries to stay proud
When your shoes wear down...
There's always a poem
For the destiny that hurts you
Someone who loves you
For the regrets you have
If you can stay the same
You, who changed address so many times..
You will be welcome to my place
Welcome to my place
To share the drunkenness, doubts, pains, and joys
Welcome to my place
You will be welcome to my place
If you don't abandon
If you give up what you believe in..
The lips are often dry
And doors are closed
When the city is sleeping
When the body is tired
When loneliness burns the most
For you who deserves better
Than iron bars
Iron bars like some strange decoration
For invisible laughter
that doesn't wake you when you sleep..
There's always a piece of sun in the tears you spill
And someone who knows
Your patience and your tenderness
You who stay strong and right
Before the walls that rise..
Oh, be the welcome at my place
Welcome to my place
Without gold or promise
I have so much to learn about you
Welcome to my place
You will be at rest here..
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Bienvenue chez moi

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