A big shot

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big wheel
Pezzo grosso
Gros bonnet
Pez gordo

Meanings of "A big shot"


شخص مرموق رفيع المستوى

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An important person of prestige. A slang term for a person in a high supervisory, management role. It is also used for someone who believes that they hold that role.

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A very important person, or persons who hold high positions in large companies, corporations. As a group they are known as 'big wheels'.

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an important person

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a powerful person

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'A bigwig' is a person, or persons who are in a supervisory, management roles, often in a large company/business venture today. Slang.
A bigwig comes from a past era when wigs were prevalent among gentry and aristocrats. Since they controlled all governmental and internal affairs they were known by their 'coiffeurs' (hairstyles).

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Σημαντικός άνθρωπος

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लिरिक्स में "A big shot"

Bushido - Life And Death Of Kenneth Glockler

And you sick brother is still living in poverty
Suddenly the stepfather of Kenneth appears
Playing a big shot manager
Opening a GmbH* behind my back

Bertolt Brecht - Song about the inadequacy of human planning

Yes, just make a plan,
try to be a big shot!
And then make a second plan,

Lexa - Tease

The roughest of rough said once
To stop acting like a big shot and give up
If you see me catching fire against the wall

GHOSTEMANE - Euronymous

I don't know what life is without a constant
Feelin' that I'm bein' held down under the water
You a big shot now you think you Satan’s son huh?
Until you see him face to face and then he drag you under

Majka - It's killing me

In my disappointment and pain what else could I expect
I want to stand in front of God or the devil with a pure heart!
I never was a big shot, allowed to do almost everything
Or a rich family's stain, who can just go for broke

Zed Bazi - Why do you hate us?

Because you will be in trouble, and my men will ride on you like a train
You only dare to get rude behind your phone
You think you are a big shot , a killer
But you don't even dare to come and talk to us!

Julie Bergan - Arigato

I'm not a housewife
Never will be one
I'm a big shot

Lana Del Rey - Party Girl

Standing on the rooftop, just out of earshot,
Looking at this gansgter guy,
Thinking he's a hot shot, pouring me a big shot,
Trying to get me drunk and high.

BB Brunes - Vacant Lot

I'm going back to the vacant lot
To pretend to be a big shot, a horseman
She taught me everything/caught me red handed

Thomas Dutronc - I Like Paris More

I refuel the car
I think of vacations
I am a big-shot (1)
and I'm not alone

U.D.R. - Brutal Airplane of Scat

Heat, tension, stress
Executives work a lot, fills their pockets, get rich but the body just dies
It even looks like I'm a big shot
First class, wrinkling in champagne, but no - I' on the third

The Quiett - Bentley

I remember the lonely sleepless nights
I was waiting for the day that my dream would become reality
I became a multimillionaire, a big shot
my prediction was never wrong

Ghassan Rahbani - Our Story in this Society

I want to scream loudly, those who are high-up, listen!
There are heavy concerns in my head, hopefully these can convince you
Abu Salem, the shopkeep, his son is a big-shot lawyer
And his Armenian neighbor is an electrician and his sons became welders

Beogradski Sindikat - Beef

Three seconds in a racket.. Minister, I beg you!
I know you ever since you were in school learning pranks
And now you're a big shot, in charge of plates
Just a nobody, which is something I don't care about much

B.U.G. Mafia - All, hustlers

But he fired a shot in the air, he was way too panicked
Then cops got there and it all came to an end,
His dreams of being a big shot died a sudden death
It was too late to make a different choice,

Bosquito - So I drink

But when I went in the world
The fortuneteller lied to me
That I'll be a big shot,
Rich and happy...

Zheng Zhihua - Youthful Times

Gotta rip your new blue jeans
Every day of the year obsessed
No money in your pocket, but act like a big-shot
Roll your eyes whenever your parents try to lecture you

Billy Joel - Big Shot

So much fun to be around
You had to have a white hot spot light
You had to be a big shot last night

Lana Del Rey - St.Tropez (AKA Party Girl)

Lookin’ at this gangsta guy.
Thinkin’ he’s a hotshot,
Pourin’ me a big shot,
Try’na get me drunk and high.

ABBA - On and On and On

I said, "Who are you to talk about impending doom?"
He got kinda wary as he looked around the room
He said, "I'm a minister, a big shot in the state"
I said, "I just can't believe it, boy, I think it's great