black out

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Meanings of "black out"


A black out is a period of unconsciousness.
Example: After my operation, the doctor told me not to drive a weeks because I might black out and have
an accident.
Blackout, written as one word can mean:
1- when the electricity goes out in a city
Example: There must have been a blackout, because all the clocks are blinking.
2- a suppression of information, especially one imposed on the media by government
Example: There is a total information blackout on the criminalization of immigrants.

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Explained by ϕιλομαθής

लिरिक्स में "black out"

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Desecration Smile

A rolling black out of oblivion
And I'd like to think that I'm your Number 1
(I'm rolling black out of oblivion)

DJ Tiësto - Escape me

Escape me
Escape me
Black out tendencïes
forget about the future

The Lonely Island - Like a Boss

Chop my balls off -like a boss
Black out in the sewer -like a boss
Meet a giant fish -like a boss

Seether - Here And Now

I'll never belong inside your world
So black out the sun and leave me
To play out the same old tragedy

Trifοno - Love me

Talk to me in the midday, evening and morning (kiss me)
suddenly, at the short black out of the Public Power Corporation (until the morning)
and until the black out ends, this most hidden reason
will see us to open a door in life.

Avril Lavigne - Lächle

Und plötzlich bist du alles was ich brauche
Der Grund wieso ich lächel
Letzte Nacht hatte ich ein Black Out ich denke
“Was hast du, was hast du in meinen Drink gemacht?!”

Hurts - The Crow

If you make her sing when she’s coming she will let you know

She spreads her wings and they black out the sun
You won’t her sing and she’ll leave when the damage is done

Sezen Aksu - People Who are New and Who Stay New

With love
Neccessarily with dovey
While the stars black out one by one
Let the new day come

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King

Let the water flow with shades of red now
Arrows black out all the light
Death is riding in the town with armor

Darren Hayes - Black Out The Sun

And nothing compares
How could it even dare
Cause now that love's gone I want to black out the sun

Nicki Minaj - Autobiography

She Told Me That I Had Talent, Got On Her Knees And Prayed For Me When I Started Being Violent.
She Saw Something In Me That, Til This Day I Don't Know If I Could Be That. But I'ma Die Trying.
And When I'm Done Crying, Grab The Iron , And Black Out Like I'm Retiring.
Nightmares Of Yu Killing My Mother, The Reason That I Sleep With My Head Under The Covers.

Vetusta Morla - Coraggio

A volte non sono io,
cerco un costume migliore
ballando fino al black-out
Perdona la mia audacia!

Linkin Park - Blackout

You push it back down / You push it back down
No / you'll never get it inside
Push it back down / Black out / Blood in your eye

Locomondo - Se Eida (Σε Είδα)

Κάθε σου ματιά θέλω τραγούδι να την κάνω
μα την ώρα εκείνη το στόμα μου κλείνει
παθαίνω black out και με πιάνει σκοτοδίνη

White Lies - Peace & Quiet

After the red ants, the black-out
Come peace and quiet
Those little foot-prints
Fleshed out calm in my mind

Locomondo - I saw you

I want to make every glance into a song
but at that moment my mouth shuts
I black out and I get light headed

Ástor Piazzolla - Argentinian Tango You

You have debauched me

You made me black out
You took me by surprise

Dope D.O.D. - What Happened

Check my gear, I got flavour mad hip hop
I could run in the roughest neighbourhood and not get shot
I black out when niggas start hating shit
Run over your crew like the New England Patriots

The Score - Revolution

I been waitin' all my life
Run down what I've always been chasing
Black out every fear I've been facing

Ștefan Bănică jr. - Bubulina the housewife

Bubulina the housewife
She can cook until the lights black out
Bubulina the housewife

Muse - Thought Contagion

Fall down, learn when to count it out
Prop me up, before I black out
Withdraw before you're out of time

Siddharta - Black-white

Blonde hair, they are not hers
Let someone grab me fast
Let someone get black out

Kanye West - Black Skinhead

I'm aware I'm a king
Back out the tomb bitch
Black out the room, bitch
Stop all that coon shit

Migos - Kelly Price

I just can't understand her
She drive, I drive for you
I black out too

Mylène Farmer - Alice

U tvojoj kutiji
Sve tvoje noge
"Black out"
Mala duša

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Gevangenistango

Ik was zo in shock
Ik kreeg een black out
Ik herinner me niks meer

Madrugada - Shine

Oh now, hold your hand on running water
And now, wipe the black out of the blonde
Well now your head falls down on me

Mylène Farmer - Alice

Dans ta boîte
Toutes tes pattes
Le black-out
Petite âme

Kelly Clarkson - Long Shot

And then someone pulled it tighter
I never saw it coming
I started to black out and
Then someone said good morning

5ive - When The Lights Go Out

When the lights go out

Its a black out girl the lights are off
I can feel you getting close now take your clothes off

Yolka - Why

dull silence ..
Melody of reckoning, blindfolded,
black out a storm on the field
dispute between themselves and someone else will own

Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias

A mouth open wide
Fake teeth falling out
Another black out

Laura Bono - Again and again

I have a black-out
in my memory
a black-out since 3 weeks,
someone calls it "self-defense".

Locomondo - Ti ho visto

vorrei scrivere una canzone per ogni tuo sguardo
ma sul momento rimango a bocca chiusa
mi prende un black out e non capisco più niente

The Birthday Massacre - Weekend

Lights out
Boys sleepwalking on the weekend
Black out
Two nights killing off a best friend

Eminem - ShadyXV

Looking scamp as Hannibal stalking
Anthony Hopkins with his hands in his pockets
Black out, Zach Galifianakis, gallons of Vodka
But that gal has some knockers

Nicki Minaj - Hard Lemonade

After line after line, barcode
They lookin for my work, narco
Cause I just black out in the booth, charcoal
Me, don see, tonin 54 bitches

Caparezza - It's too late

It’s too late to raise our banners and fight each other like Franks against Longobards[fn]peoples that ruled the Italian peninsula in the Middle Ages ; there is an Italian political party that is still hanging on to this supposedly glorious past. I guess he means this is completely absurd, since we live in different times [/fn]
if the country defaults, we’re in deep shit
living like a hologram, black out, it’s too late

Lana Del Rey - Get Free

Out of the black (out of the black)
Into the blue (into the blue)
Out of the black (out of the black)
Into the blue (into the blue)

The Relapse Symphony - Make Your Move

Looks like another black out night
No holding back so hold on tight
One thing this place has taught me
Is how to go oh on

DumDum Boys - Thin Thread

and gets a little push
When the clock strikes 12, they speed up
Time goes in circles, you spin out, then black out.

Daughter - Numbers

Can you clean lace faces?
Black out nights and tight spaces?
We'll feel distant embraces

SF9 - K.O

위대한 Warlord 너만 Follow
다 너를 위한 Hunger game
모든 남잔 Black out out

The Used - Shine

More the pavement
Colors black and white too long
I could black out completely
But I made me

Bright Eyes - Nothing Gets Crossed Out

Yeah, Tim, I heard your album and it's better than good
When we get off tour I think we should
Hang and black out together
'Cause I been feeling sentimental for days gone by

Ashlee Simpson - Kicking And Screaming

Watch out now
A black out
There's no doubt

Fler - Junge mit Charakter

Du siehst aus wie ein Rentner nach dem Schlaganfall
Und wenn ich mit dir fertig bin hilft auch kein Tapout
Ich steck dir Möhren in den Arsch, bis zum Black Out
Du nennst mich Hurensohn? Dann kennst du meine Mutter nich'

Crown the Empire - Menace

Please know
There's no reason to be afraid
'Cause if they black out the sun
And your blood turns to dust

Jeffree Star - If It Kills Me

Life vest hang it up I go under water, go down, go down, go down, down, go, go, go
Seatbelt take it off car crash until I black out, black out, black out, out, go, go, go
Do or die dare devil I’m obsessed til’ I get you I’m in cardiac arrest

EXO - Touch It (너의 손짓)

Yeah I’m feeling good now
근데 머릿속은 boom 무슨 말을 할까
What what 머릿속은 black out uh

SHINee - Alive

Black out Black out Black out
(Don’t get me wrong)
Black out Black out Black out
(Don’t get me wrong)

The Magnetic Fields - I'm Tongue-Tied

I've no doubt
I'll black out
grand, love ain't

Enhancer - K.O.

fort en gueule jusqu’à ce qu’on s’en mêle,
même pêle-mêle, nos idées non jamais ne s’emmêlent
c’est le black out, tous knock-out,
on est plus des boys scouts,

Eminem - Heat

[Verse 3]
Black out, come to, hands covered in blood
Motherfuckin' gloves and a shovel stuck in the mud

DZK - Weed N Speed

I rock pockets, full of hash and caps with sockets
Smashed through em, to take gravity bong hits
So massive, after you have it, you black out
Fall down or pass out, now, everybody gather round

Ellen McLain - PotatOS

Power potato vows
My soul won over by the black goddess..
Me from my long black out, from any aid

The Cab - Intoxicated

Like I'm intoxicated, toxicated

Feel like I black out, pass out every time that we touch
And if it hurts in the morning then it must be love

Stephanie (Korean Singer) - Blackout

난 이미 drunken 이 순간 black out, 멈춰버린 film, 도발 적인 nameless
내일 되면 don't know, 영원히 sealing, 지루해진 love, 도도하게 goodbye

Tyga - Bloodline

Though we kept that Uzi, black gators, we're movin'
Like pharaohs in tombs, bitch, I'm back in tune, bitch
Black out the room, we birthed into this
Who is this new nigga? Who is the proven?

SHINee - Alive

Black out Black out Black out
(Don’t get me wrong)
Black out Black out Black out
(Don’t get me wrong)

Fler - Boy With Character

You are look like a pensioner after a stroke
And when I'm done with you, even a Tapout won’t help you
I keep on sticking carrots in your ass, until the Black Out
You call me son of a bitch? Then you don’t know my mother

Idina Menzel - Here

If your car stalls in the middle of the road in snow,
I know, I know you'll be here.
Lights out, in all of the city, black out no doubt.
I know you'll be here.

Gavlyn - Guilty Pleasure

Fuck it though, I'm better off alone
To be the bigger person is depressing, I don't know
I try to make sense, but why do that ? I'd rather black out
Forget it all, as a matter of fact

SHINee - Alive

(Don’t get me wrong)
Black out Black out
Black out
(Don’t get me wrong)

Caparezza - È tardi

È tardi per sollevare stendardi e combatterci come i Franchi coi Longobardi
Se il Paese va in default sono cazzi
Una vita d'ologrammi, black out, è troppo tardi

The Growlers - Rare Hearts

Over the canyon so wild
All I see is her obsidian eyes
They black out all of my sight

Highly Suspect - Little One

I have trouble going anywhere at all
Especially my own bedroom, it stays awake to haunt me
So passed out, black out, drunk in another bathroom stall

SANNI - Be Who You Are

I hold a gun but I won't shoot
Even though I know I can hurt you
Lights won't black out in this house
Until you are my spoon again

Phantogram - Black Out Days Lyrics

And stay away-ay ya away-ay ya away-ay ya

Black out days
I don't recognize you anymore

Monsta X - All I Do (너만 생각해)

널 본 그 순간부터 머릿속은 black out
그 어둠 속에서 너 혼자서만 빛나
날 보는 눈빛은 블랙홀 위험할 것 같아
근데 한 없이 빠져들어

Cheetah - Coma 07

Black out, you don’t know, this is a place that doesn’t exist
Before, that was just my silent despair
With my blocked nose and lips, with my quietly shut eyes
My still body is just looking down

Stephanie (Korean Singer) - Blackout

I’m already drunken, this moment black out, stopped film, provocative nameless
tomorrow, I don’t know, forever sealing, became boring love, arrogantly goodbye

Cheetah - Coma 07

Black out 넌 몰라 여긴 존재하지 않는 곳
아까 그건 사실 소리 없는 내 절규고
내 틀어막힌 코, 입 내 조용하게 감긴 눈으로
내 미동 없는 몸뚱이 아릴 가만히 내려다보는 일


Die out, Black out, Dispel
Die out, Black out, Dispel

PJ Harvey - We Float

I was in need of help
Heading to black out
'Til someone told me run on in honey

SF9 - K.O

Always that spot, turn it turn it turn it no
Great warlod follow only you, this hunger is all for you
All man, black out

Blink-182 - California

Hey here's to you California

Wearing all black out on the beach
Faces I've seen in magazines

Raleigh Ritchie - I Can Change

See, I like drinking 'til I get blind drunk
Black out and lash out and act like a punk
Crush through town with my fake ID

Hollywood Undead - Lieux Sombres

Cœur sombre, sombres pensées
Dans une salle noircie
Un black out, ivre-mort, Cadillacs,
Click-clack, ka-boom

Ghinzu - Blow

Gang bang
Black out
You're not dragster man

Aleksanteri Hakaniemi - Black Out

black out
so that I can't even walk
black out
and I already know that I will drink tomorrow

Monsta X - All I Do

From the moment I saw you
My head was black out
Inside that dakrness

Ab-Soul - Huey Knew

Black out, black out
Black out, black out
Black out, black out
Yeah, So

Taeyeon - Curtain Call

It’s a black-out night
Black walls, on top of the stage
Starting a long and dizzy story
When the curtains close

Risto - To the interference in electricity

Baby inch closer, huddle up.
I'm about to black out,
I can feel it so distinctly.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Danger (Japanese Ver.)

Because of you I black out!
Because of you I black out!
Because of you I black out!
I don’t stand getting played with anymore!

Hollywood Undead - Le Deux

Before we burn it down
We gonna get fucked up
Drink 'til we all black out
So fucking start it up

EXO - Touch It (neoye sonjjit)

Yeah I’m feeling good now
geunde meorissogeun Boom museun mareul hakka
What what meorissogeun Black out uh

Jorge Mautner - Negros blues

Gilberto gil e estes negros blues

Gilberto gil, tim maia, milton nascimento, stivie wonder, ray charles, bob marley,m dimmmy cliff, clementina de jesus, paulinho da viola, nelson cavaquinho, matinho da vila, black out, jards macalé, gasolina, heitor dos prazeres, ataufo alves, lupicinio rodrugues, milson batista, luiz melodia, assis valente e estes negros negros blues!!!

Kija - I'm not going back at it

Milica Jokic:
You're getting smashed tonight as well
You'll drink even if you black out
And like a gambler, you bet on black

Serge Gainsbourg - Flash forward

One evening, as unanounced (poof!)
I knock at my own door (knock knock)

No answer, so I turn the door handle

Topp Dogg - A Girl Like You (너 같은 여자)

머리 속 비워내지 못해
이 밤이 너무 공허해
내 맘에 black out 온통 허얘
해는 뜰 생각도 없고 yo so lazy

Epik High - Spoiler

I see the end
I can’t turn off the projector of imagination
When I black out, that’s when I can at least breathe
Just cut me out or kill me out

Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan (OST) - Black Thunder

傷 なんて 癒 えるだろう
Too hard… 自分 だけのルールで
Black out now!

At The Drive-In - One Armed Scissor

Is this the comfort of being afraid
Solar eclipsed
Black out the vultures
As they wait

Bars & Melody - Up All Night

Everybody's getting scared
I know you feel the same
Black out & I see your face
Scared for my life

SF9 - K.O

Виэхан Warlord номан Follow
Да норыл вихан Hunger game
Модын намчан Black out out

Hollywood Undead - Comin' In Hot (Alternate Version)

Girl you're in danger.
Hung like a hanger.
And I'm about to black out like I'm Darth Vader.

Trisha Paytas - Christmas Sucks

This song goes out to all of those
Who drink each Christmas away
Black out on Christmas day

Abdul Majeed Abdullah - Oh you, my dearest amongst them

Let the sun black out
Let the moon black out
Let the world become a mess as a result

EXO - Touch It (指语) (Chinese Version)

只是头脑空掉 Boom
(What what 神经失控 black out uh!)

Jiro Wang - Pretend That We'd Never Loved

I'd never expected that this steel heart will bleed
Who can help me black out myself ?
Turn me into waste lest I should grieve

ISA - Perfect

Sometimes I get wasted
But I don't black out
Some days I'm pretty lazy

The Summer Set - Girls freak me out

Have you heard about the new girl on the block
In her black out benz?
With her old school kicks and her hipster friends

Margareth Cho - My puss

Your puss invaded Iraq
My puss, give a shout out
Your puss a rollin' black out
My puss go straight for the jugular

IU - Black Out

놔 봐 나 완벽해 멀쩡해 집에 안 가도 돼
정말 구구단도 가능해 (칠칠에 사십구)
안 믿는 거 다 알아 (nothing special)
기분 좋아서 그래 (something special)

Queen Of Hearts - Shoot The Bullet

Under the moonlight, I pray for you
white lies and daylight black out the truth
you love is deadly, my heart is pure

Byz - Wasted

But you play the game according to the pleasant rules
'Cause you know, if you've lived on macaronies for week
It doesn't take much for you to fall and black out
Thinking that this is enough, or give me a sexa[fn]Lit. 'a six', a late night meal[/fn]

The Black Eyed Peas - CONSTANT Part 1 & 2

Bring the tracks out, bring the bless out
I go co-trained with my sax out
Let's go soul train, let's go black out
Turn that bass up, let's go max out

Demon Hunter - What is Left

Oh, what is left?
I take what I can get
And black out all the rest
What is left?

Sum 41 - Open Your Eyes

'Fore I fall apart.

If I could black out,
It'd become so clear,

Of Mice & Men - The Ballad of Tommy Clayton & the Rawdawg Millionaire

The sun runs from the sky
Beg for your life, pray for the ones you love
Black out the sun, we'll block out your eyes
Pray for daylight, your time it has come

Metro Station - Young Again

You french inhale when I roll it up
Another shotgun to the head
Then we black out in your bed
Wake up then we make love again

Ellen McLain - PatatES

Patate de puissance
Mon âme conquise par la déesse noire..
Moi de mon long black out, de toute aide

EXO - Touch It (指语) [Chinese Version]

zhi shi tou nao kong diao Boom
xiang ge sha gua da xiao
(What what shen jing shi kong black out, uh!)


彼女なんて 関係ないよ
モラルを思い出す度 気 失うんだ
Black out

DOPPEL - eggknock

Welcome "egg knocks" world
Black out of the dream

FC Schalke 04 - Am Tag Als Andi Möller Starb (FC Schalke 04)

Andreas Möller sprach davon,
von einer Schwalbe könne überhaupt keine Rede sein,
es sei ein Reflex gewesen, eine Art Black-Out, ein Schutzreflex...

The Front Bottoms - Be Nice To Me

But I can't remember how they went

You're a flashlight in a dark room for the loneliest black-out
You were all that we had left after it all was filtered out

Zack Hemsey - Silver Crimson Black

And black envelops in that blackout
Question of the truth will lead to silence in that blackout
You should know confusion always follows when you black out
So never turn your back to black when it blacks out

Robin Bengtsson - Liar

Worn out from where I've been
A high cost, I never win, I never win
Oh-oh, black out of what I feel
Heart out for something real

Acid Black Cherry - Black Out

In my body, love, dreams and tears start withering.

Brand New - Out of Mana

Hope we can do this forever

Don't black out
Or we'll back down

Acid Black Cherry - Black Out

体が疼きだす 愛 夢 涙 枯れて

Anna Ternheim - Walking Aimlessly

Walking aimlessly

In the black out of light
I found a rhyme on hope

Annamateur & die Außensaiter - leteat

Then I'm ready for it

Black out the room so no one will see
I hope you'll enjoy your meal

Rottengraffty - So...Start

Breaking up Breaking up
This dirty world (Huu!!)

Nine Muses - Koong Chit Dak Chit (쿵치딱치 )

쿵치딱치 내가
우린 이제 Break up 너는 이제 Black Out
앞에서 쿵치딱치 네가

Cathy Davey - Army of Tears

The whole world will bow down to
My army of tears
Darken the day, black out the sun
The water's flowing over everything and everyone

N-Sonic - Black Out (블랙아웃)

Lalala Lala LalalaLala
LalalaLalala Blackout
Lalala Lala LalalaLala
LalalaLalala Take 1

Renne Dang - I'm writing to you

From childhood I go to the pension

Black out, it has risks, nothing to do with mom's upbringing
You already know who I write it to, to everyone who had to go across, who had to work hard and who didn't have life like Christmas decoration

N-Sonic - Black Out

Blackout Lalala Lala
LalalaLala LalalaLalala
Black out, my body is already
out of control

Furino - looking for you

when the sun goes down,
in the black out,
are you looking for me?

Sleeping With Sirens - My Life

The stars fall at my feet
I took a shot at the sun
So I could black out the streets
I'm like a wolf in the night

The Word Alive - Overdose

I’m losing touch with my reality, I hate this.
Chasing ghosts until I black out, it’s useless.
Maybe one day your God will judge me.

Francesco Guccini - Blackout

the starling and the blackbird are flying already
you don't want to sleep like a log[fn]literally: to sleep like a dormouse[/fn]!
There's no black-out anymore, it's over
the old fridge is running again,

EXO - Touch It (너의 손짓)

Кынде мориссогын boom
Мусын марыль халькка
(What what мориссогын black out uh)

At the Gates - In Death They Shall Burn

A spawn of the alienation
The unspeakable black
Our of the portal of guilt
The ominous, crippling weight

Francesco Guccini - Blackout

lo storno e il merlo son già in giro,
non vorrai fare come il ghiro!
Non c'è black-out e tutto è ormai finito
e il vecchio frigo è ripartito,

At the Gates - The Mirror Black

To perish in dreamless sleep
Dragged through the waste
Doomed, from arrogance blind
Fragmentation of all form


Kill yourself

Dare no tame ikiteimasu ka?
Nan no tame ikiteimasu ka?

Heidi Montag - Blackout

We can get out of here

Black out the satellite and be my road star
You wanted anything else so show ya my heart

Sleeping With Sirens - La mia vita

Le stelle cadono ai miei piedi
Ho sparato al sole
Per far cadere le strade nel black out
Sono come un lupo nella notte


Kill yourself

誰の為 生きていますか?
何の為 生きていますか?