BlackSea4ever - The Dream (Le Rêve), Pablo Picasso


The Dream (Le Rêve), Pablo Picasso

An optic illusion - just what do you see:
A vase or two faces may there be? 1
As a mature woman, I have to confess
That in Picasso's Dream, I saw only a face.
I normally wouldn't glance at it twice, but it was
Sold for millions more than enough times.
Even sporting a repaired elbow gash,
It sold, and it is now privately held!
So after I heard of its erotic content,
I thought, wow, really - one naked breast?
Turns out, that some people can see
Picasso's penis and, may I assume, the girl's tongue?
After contemplating the silliness, I still don't quite get
Why you'd spend millions rather than help vets.
It's only my own opinion and without regret
I await your own judgement - let's see what I get...
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