For the books

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Meanings of "For the books"


Most commonly, 'This one's for the books', or 'that one's for the books'.
When speaking of something or someone that has done/being something very noteworthy, record breaking. An act/thing/words that should be recorded as a great accomplishment. It can be satirical. "Oh look, he got off his butt to go get a job, that's one for the books."

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достойный серьезного внимания, значительный (успех, событие и т.п.)

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लिरिक्स में "For the books"

Allan Rayman - Poison

Just one more fix before I kick this ugly trend

This one's for the books you won't relate
I'm on the hook, I can't be late

Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life

I can't believe we really made it I'm partly surprised,
I swear
daaamn, this one for the books, man!
I swear this shit is as fun as it looks, man!

Madcon - Don't Worry

The low is the base and the high is the feeling
The world is the club, all in cause we can
This' one for the books don't worry bout a thang

Tangled (OST) - When My Life Began

And then rapidly the dust broom away,
And so step by step till all is clean.
And then it's time for the books,
Those we read a lot.

Ultra Bra - Send Me Books

Where people stand
and wait for the books of poets
where lovers meet

Chris Rea - Keep on dancing

Keep on dancing

See em run for the books, cos
They just don't get it