To break even

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Meanings of "To break even"


Ne biti ni u dobitku ni u gubitku.

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लिरिक्स में "To break even"

Kim Petras - Heart to Break

[Verse 1]
Any time, that you like
Gonna give you my heart to break
Angel eyes, tell me lies

Joel & Luke - Love's To Blame

Time in Time I thought through it all
How we loved and loved
and how we fought each other
pushing one another

POLKADOT STINGRAY - With the Breaking Dawn

Ah, here in this world
There exist two kinds of people.
Rather than receiving,
Giving's always seemed much simpler to me.

Harry Styles - From the Dining Table

Woke up alone in this hotel room
Played with myself, where were you?
Fell back to sleep, I got drunk by noon
I've never felt less cool

Gacharic Spin - My bird

My heart’s already been killed. Even though I thought that,
The tears won’t stop, and I’m going to break, even now

Andrzej Rosiewicz - Play Gypsy Play

The pink pigs in the washroom squeal and grunt without care
and over there western bankers cannot seem to break even
I could lend to the bankers or even better give it in the form of a grant

Billy Talent - Pins and needles

Never understood how she could
Mean so little to so many
Why does she mean everything to me?

La Vela Puerca - To tie up

It is asking me if today I have my thirst,
It always wants to break, even if it is just a little bit more.

Rusos Blancos - It's Not That Difficult

We have hit rock bottom again
And I'm already starting to lose count
We fight without knowing why
Without anyone regretting it later

Mark Free - Hard heart to break

"Don't come too close," you tell me,
I don't wanna risk the fall,
But words don't matter when I hold you.
I've been just as lost and lonely,

Simon Kvamm - Nut

There's something on the ground, I pick it up even though I don't want to
Why, if it isn't a nut, I wonder where it belongs
And those ridiculous shitty days you spend to break even
Now, I'll only look through the hole of the nut