Ce mur qui nous separe (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी

This wall that stands between us

She stands right behind me
She smiles, then averts her eyes
I think I see through her little game.
When I see him, I'm beside myself.
I turn red and start mumbling.
I'm out of breath, my heart's pounding.
Getting away
That's the only thing to do.
I'm head over heels1,
I feel as if a power
pulled be beyond
the wall that stands between us!
Why can't I dare
say a word to him ?
His brightness, his smile,
I want him all for myself,
crossing just for this night
the wall that stands between us!
And yet
when I think of her
I feel I'm being unfaithful.
I want to race through the night
to meet my Ladybug.
A duel rages inside my heart!
You and me,
if only we could meet
beyond the looking glass,
cast off our masks just for tonight.
Let's smash it down,
this wall that stands between us.
I don't realize what I want
I can't possibly be falling in love.
What is this strange feeling?2
The day will come for you to discover
the happiness of being together,
the day we'll be in each other's arms.
If my heart's been distracted, how come
I feel a warmth in my soul,
an auspicious3 thrill?
And yet I can feel
this whirlwind of emotions
lifting us into the skies,
basking in sunlight and breeze,
like a unique chance,
a flurry of magic.
He makes such an impression on me,
I want to let everybody know
of this love that awaits us.
But I know I shan't.
It is too soon.
We need to be patient.
Be patient.
I know one day we'll soar,
for, my love, one day you'll see,
by my side you'll become your true self!
I don't realize what I want
I can't possibly be falling in love.
What is this strange feeling?
We'll be as one at night
and during the day as well,
when our love will sparkle endlessly4
Love will smash through
this great wall that stands between us.
Together, we're a force to be reckoned with!5
For you, I could wait for a lifetime,
because I do love you, madly.
I'll love you forever more...
  • 1. "my heart is upside down"
  • 2. "where does this mysterious feeling come from?'
  • 3. a "porte bonheur" is a lucky charm, but literally means "happiness bringer"
  • 4. ??? "we'll be united in the night as well as [in] the day, where all that glitters will be our infinite love". Looks like whoever wrote this got a bit carried away Regular smile
  • 5. "a rare/exceptional force"
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Ce mur qui nous separe