Amanda Palmer – 01 – "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" (Album Tracklist)

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Amanda Palmer – 01 – "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" (Album Tracklist)

The first (solo) studio album by Amanda Palmer was released in 2008. It peaked at no. 77 on the US album charts. Later the same year, an alternate edition of the album was released including alternate takes of 10 of the songs that had appeared on the original release along with five new songs.

Only promotional singles ("Leeds United" and "Oasis") were released off the album.

Additional amazon and iTunes bonus tracks (first edition):

14 - "Leeds United" (Lounge Version)
15 - "Guitar Hero" (Alternate Version)

All tracks written by Amanda Palmer except "I Will Follow You into the Dark" written by Ben Gibbard.

Track 01 (first edition)
Track 14 (alternate edition)

अनुवाद:  ग्रीक तुर्की

Track 02 (first edition)
Track 04 (alternate edition)

Track 03 (first edition)
Track 12 (alternate edition)

Track 04 (first edition only)

Track 05 (both editions)

Track 07 (both editions)

Track 08 (first edition)
Track 15 (alternate edition)

अनुवाद:  फ्रेंच ग्रीक

Track 10 (first edition)
Track 09 (alternate edition)

Track 11 (first edition)
Track 02 (alternate edition)

amazon and iTunes bonus track (first edition)
Track 13 (alternate edition)

Track 01 (alternate edition only)

Track 03 (alternate edition only)

Track 08 (alternate edition only)

Track 10 (alternate edition only)