Artist who rarely or never preform in their native language

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Just what it looks like a singer or band who usually preforms in a language other then their native language or their countries official language. It doesn't mean they can never sing their native language but it needs to be a minority of their songs

1. Nadège
Artist | Japan Pop

They are a Japanese band marketed as a French import in the 90s to sell it more, No real life photos of the singers have been shown and they always use fake names and sing exclusively in French, There record label owner even pretended the band was French to avoid paying Japanese royalty's. One of their members Sine Qua Non/Shintaro Ashizawa ended up leaving the band and explained the story behind it. He now works a solo career. To this day they have never spoken one word of Japanese in their music

Top song:  Douce est la nuit

They were one of Afghanistan's first rock bands but they mostly preform in English and have relocated to Oakland California, However their early and occasionally some of the more recent songs are in Dari

Although all their songs have Japanese lyrics they are very small and short and will release a full on English version alongside it. Sometimes though they will have a sizable amount of Japanese lyrics

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Little Big (Russia);
A'Studio (Kazakhstan/Russia);
Batyrkhan Shuukenov (if I'm not wronging) (Kazakhstan/Russia);
Phillip Kirkorov (holy shit...) (Bulgaria/Russia);
Scooter + H. P. Baxxter + Celebrate The Nun (oh yeah!) (Germany)
C. C. Catch (The Netherlands/Germany)
Modern Talking (Germany)
ABBA (Sweden)
Azerbaijanian, Irish, Maltese, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian and Baltic ESC artists
Ilse DeLange + The Common Linnets (The Netherlands)