Artists who died of HIV-related issues

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Artists who died of HIV-related issues

The name says all. This will contain a list of artists who died of HIV-related diseases.

1. Cazuza
Artist | Brazil Rock MPB


Artist | Nigeria Funk


Top 3 songs:  Zombie Lady Gentleman
Artist | United States


Top song:  Sincerely Yours
10. Virus

Virus's lead singer was Federico Moura. 1951-1988.

The lead singer of Los Abuelos was Miguel Abuelo. 1946-1988.


Top song:  Menergy
13. Baltimora
Artist | Italy Dance

Baltimora's lead Jimmy McShane. 1957-1995.

16. DeBarge

Bobby DeBarge. 1956 - 1995.

Artist | United States

1945 - 1992.

Top song:  Beat the Street

Ricky Wilson, the guitarist. 1953 - 1985.

Gene Anthony Ray, 1962 - 2003

24. Xotica
Artist | United States

Both members of Xotica died of AIDS:
Assotto Saint 1957 - 1994
Jan Holmgren 1939 - 1993

Top song:  Forever Gay
26. Jobriath


Top song:  I’maman

1949-2011. He was HIV positive, but there's no evidence that AIDS led to his demise.

Artist | France Punk

Singer Gilles Bertin, 1961 - 2019.

Top song:  Camera silens
AchampnatorAchampnator    शुक्र, 16/02/2018 - 21:22

Rio Reiser is one of the favourite singer from my father

malucamaluca    शुक्र, 16/02/2018 - 21:24

I read up about it but apparently he died from an hemmorhage due to alcohol abuse, not because of AIDS.
So please eliminate him from the list.

malucamaluca    शुक्र, 16/02/2018 - 22:52

Héctor Lavoe
Frankie Ruiz

navailenisnavailenis    बुध, 21/02/2018 - 01:53

Rest in Peace Ofra Haza. She was a great singer with a beautiful voice.

Diazepan MedinaDiazepan Medina    बुध, 21/02/2018 - 14:24

Virus and Los abuelos de la nada

The singer of Virus was Federico Moura and the lead singer of Los Abuelos was Miguel Abuelo.

Both of them were the first known victims of AIDS in Argentina and they both died in 1988

malucamaluca    बुध, 31/07/2019 - 00:10

Alma Barroca, you got the link to Baltimora wrong ...

malucamaluca    गुरु, 07/11/2019 - 19:10

Both members of Xotica died of AIDS:
Assotto Saint 1957 - 1994
Jan Holmgren 1939 - 1993

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    शुक्र, 15/11/2019 - 13:03

Hi, maluca! Guten Tag! As you have contributed a lot more to this collection than me, I just gave you collaborator credentials here - honestly, I only added the artist I knew that died from AIDS (and did not do research to find more 🙈 😬 ). Don't hesitate on adding more names as you find them. Regards and thank you for all of your suggestions Wink smile