Shabnami Surayo 🇹🇯 - (Album Tracklist - 2019)

Created by Saidzoda Tohir on 15 फ़रवरी 2020 | आख़िरी बार 18 फ़रवरी 2020 को Saidzoda Tohir द्वारा संपादित
Shabnami Surayo 🇹🇯 - (Album Tracklist - 2019)

Shabnami Surayo - Top-popular singer of the Tajik people who has won millions of hearts among the population of the Persian and Turkic peoples and is very famous both in Tajikistan🇹🇯 and abroad.

Shabnami Surayo, being one of the youngest pop singers of the Tajik people, has succeeded in investing enormous innovation and innovation in the culture of the Tajik people with her songs, dances and nightingale voice.