Songs about Chapaev

Created by yuan jinquan on 14 मार्च 2020
Songs about Chapaev

Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev (Russian: Васи́лий Ива́нович Чапа́ев; February 9 [O.S. January 28] 1887 – September 5, 1919) was a celebrated Russian soldier and Red Army commander during the Russian Civil War.

Олег Л.Олег Л.    शनि, 14/03/2020 - 09:10

I don't think there are a lot of songs about Chapaev or Lazo.
Make a collection about bolsheviks (Chapaev, Lazo, Lenin, Stalin and so on)
Or a collection of songs about the Russian Civil War. I can help you.

yuan jinquanyuan jinquan    शनि, 14/03/2020 - 10:20

Thanks for your advice. I decided to delete the collection about lazo because only three songs. There has six songs about Chapaev, so I think I should keep it.