Comme Dab (Comme d'hab) (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Like Always

They're expecting me to be the most beautiful
All depends on the model
If I could become a vegetarian...
I'm expecting you to be the strongest
But not too strong
Everyone to the table
Honey, take out the trash.
Like always, we have big projects
Like always, in life, we never know
Like always, we would love to rest.
Like always, come on, let's go to bed.
But, what is making me scared?
Tell me, what am I running from?
Happiness is right here
It's not time that chooses
It's Christopher who told me
And one day we die
You'll see, it comes quickly
It's the old people who say :
People are indispensable, cemeteries are already full.
(Like always)
Like always
(Like always)
We have big projects
(Like always)
Like always
(Like always)
In life we never know
(Like always)
Like always
(Like always)
We would love rest.
(Like always)
Come on, let's go to bed.
This too, is life.
Take advantage of life.
You'll see, it passes quickly.
If you knew this, you would not have done it like this
All this is nonsense.
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Comme Dab (Comme d'hab)

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