Favorite movie quote?

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My favourite quote from Kill Bill is: " If, on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut." (Hattori Hanzo)

Within context, I like: "Feed me a stray cat" (American Psycho)

"I'm glad you took a class in comparative wetlands!" (Scream Queens, Season 2)

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The best quotes I have ever heard come from the films of the famous Polish film director Stanisław Bareja. They are book-like, because almost all dialogues were very funny, so it would be impossible to quote them all.

“Miś” (Teddy-bear) - 1981 - is the film with the highest cult status. Just one quote: The sportsmen travel from Warsaw to London and the boss of the sports-club teaches them at the border, just before leaving Poland:

You are going to the capital of a capitalist country, which maybe even has its own... pros. The point is, however, that these pros shouldn’t overshadow the existing cons!”.


"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass! And i'm all out of bubblegum!" - Nada, They Live (1988).

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Not a movie but a TV series quote:

Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.

Tyrion Lannister from "Game of Thrones"

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My 3 favorite movie quotes from «Caro Diario»

Film di Nanni Moretti

«-Sa cosa stavo pensando ? Io stavo pensando una cosa molto triste cioe' che io, anche in una societa piu descente di questa mi trovero sempre con una minoranza di persone ! Ma non nel senso di quei film dove c' e' un uomo e una donna che si odianno si sbranano su un isola deserta perche il regista non crede nelle persone, io credo nelle persone, perro non credo nella magioranza delle persone, mi sa che mi trovo sempre a mio aggio d' acordo con una minoranza...
-Va be' auguri !
-E qui(ndi)... »

«-Siamo invecchiati, siamo inaciditi, siamo disonesti nel nostro lavoro. Gridavamo cose orrende, violentissime, nei nostri cortei, e ora guarda come siamo tutti imbruttiti!
-Voi! gridavate cose orrende e violentissime, e voi siete imbruttiti. Io gridavo cose giuste e ora sono uno splendido quarantenne…»

«Caro diario, c'è una cosa che mi piace fare piu di tutto.
Capitolo uno.
In vespa»

Ταινία του Νάννι Μορέττι

«-Ξέρετε τί σκεφτόμουν; Σκεφτόμουν κάτι πολύ λυπηρό ότι εγώ, ακόμη και σε μια κοινωνία περισσότερο αξιοπρεπή από αυτή θα βρισκόμουν πάντα στο στοιχείο μου με μια μειονότητα των ανθρώπων! Αλλά όχι με την έννοια κάποιων ταινιών, όπου υπάρχει ένας άντρας και μια γυναίκα και που μισιούνται και καταβροχθίζονται πάνω σ’ ένα έρημο νησί, επειδή ο σκηνοθέτης δεν πιστεύει στους ανθρώπους, εγώ πιστεύω στους ανθρώπους, όμως δεν πιστεύω στην πλειοψηφία των ανθρώπων, πιστεύω ότι με βρίσκω πάντα σύμφωνο με μια μειοψηφία ...
-Εντάξει ευχές !
-Και τό(τε)...»

«-Είμαστε γερασμένοι, είμαστε ξινισμένοι, είμαστε ανέντιμοι στο έργο μας. Φωνάζαμε φρικτά πράγματα, βιαιότατα, στις παρελάσεις μας, και τώρα δες πώς έχουμε όλοι ασχημύνει!
-Εσείς! φωνάζατε φρικτά και βιαιότατα πράγματα, και εσείς έχετε ασχημήνει. Εγώ ούρλιαζα πράγματα σωστά και τώρα είμαι ένας θαυμάσιος σαρντάρης…»

«Αγαπημένο μου ημερολόγιο, υπάρχει ένα πράγμα που μου αρέσει να κάνω περισσότερο από όλα.
Κεφάλαιο πρώτο .
Με τη βέσπα»

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For now , I add just this quote from the Great Gasby - 2013, the edition with Leo DiCaprio - "Così continuiamo a remare, barche controcorrente, risospinti senza posa nel passato!" These are words by Tobey Maguire, who is Nick, the only true friend of Gatsby.

La luce verde...The green light, not only Gatsby waiting for this...