Lullaby لالایی (लिप्यंतरण)


Lullaby لالایی

پَسینِ بندرن پر رمز و رازن
صدای جفتی و نالشت سازن
کسی از درد نی خوب افهمت
که چون نی در تب و (ای خدا) سوز و گدازن
ای مرگی که نغارن کی نغارن
نخونده روی مغ، مغ هم نغارن
نغارن کاکویی صاف کاکویی صاف
غم و دردش همه‌‌ای (ای خدا) هجر برارن
سر کوه بلند جفت پلنگه
صدای نالشه (ای خدا) تیر و تفنگه
عزیزان قدر یکدیگر بدانید
که بالشت قیامت خشت و سنگه
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जमा करने वाले के कमेंट:

Bander Abbas dialect
متن قسمت دوم را سماعی نوشته‌ام و معنی‌اش برایم مشخص نیست
[The second part needs revision]

The band Jahlé is from Bandar Abbas.
Further information is available here:

The group Jahlé is based in Bandar Abbas, Iran’s largest port-city, where there’s a sizable community of black Iranians descended from Arabian traders and African slaves. Jahlé’s performance of this traditional lullaby—which inspired Kronos’ version—was recorded by the BBC’s James Birtwistle when Andy Kershaw was gathering material for a programme on Iran in 2004. With vocals by Isa Baluchestani, guitar from Hamid Saeed and the plangent nay jofti (double flute) playing of Ghanbar Rastgoo, Jahlé’s performance is quite mesmerizing. The double-flute player Rastgoo is also a Baba Zar, a man who leads the ecstatic zar rituals practiced by the black Iranians of the region.

The song consists of different parts or verses by different poets, some recent and some classic.

صدای عیسی بلوچستانی
نی جفتی قنبر راستگو
گیتار حمید سعید

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paseene bandaren por ramzo raazen
sedaaye joftiy o naaleshte saazen
kasi az darde ney khoob efahmet
ke choon ney dar tab o (ey khoda) sooz o godaazen
ay morgee ke naghaaren ki naghaaren
nakhoonde rooye mogh, mogh ham naghaaren
naghaaren kaakoyee saaf kaakoyee saaf
gham o dardesh hamey (ey khoda) hedjre boraaren
sare koohe boland jofteh palangeh
sedaaye naaleshe (ey khoda) teer o tofangeh
azizaan ghadre yekdigar bedaaneed
ke baaleshte ghiyamat khesht o sangeh
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Conor Moloney 1    शनि, 17/11/2018 - 22:28

Wonderful to see the transliteration of this beautiful song!
Now I can sing along... But I don’t understand what it means...
Could you translate this into English?
That would be so great...

altermetax    रवि, 18/11/2018 - 13:55

You should request it. The button's just above your comment Regular smile

Conor Moloney 1    शनि, 17/11/2018 - 22:32

I tried Google Translate, and it gave me this (!):

Late Saddler
Pairing sound
Somebody casts a good strain
That's because the reed is burning in the fever and (God bless you)
O Death Ngharan Kay Ngharan
Not screwed on the magnet, not magnetised
Smooth caviar nougar. Smooth caviar
The sadness and pain of all of you (O God), the Bible
Mountain head long pairs
The sound of the unbelievers (O God), and the rifle
Dear friends, appreciate each other
That pillow of the resurrection of the brick and stone

Fantasy    रवि, 18/11/2018 - 06:14

It's a southern dialect from Bandar Abbas and I cannot translate it properly and I don't think any user on LT could.
The Google Translate version is absolutely rubbish by the way!