Пара гнедых (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Пара гнедых

Пара гнедых, запряженных с зарею
Тощих, голодных и жалких на вид
Вечно бредете вы мелкой рысцою
И вызываете смех у иных
Были когда-то и вы рысаками
И кучеров вы имели лихих
Ваша хозяйка состарилась с вами
Пара гнедых, пара гнедых
Грек из Одессы, еврей из Варшавы
Юный корнет и седой генерал
Каждый искал в ней любви и забавы
И на груди у нее замирал
Где же теперь, в какой юной богине
Ищите вы идеалов своих
Вы, только вы, и верны ей поныне
Пара гнедых, пара гнедых
Тихо. Туманное утро в столице
По улице медленно дроги ползут
В гробе сосновом останки блудницы
Пара гнедых еле-еле везут
Кто ж провожает ее на кладбище
Нет у нее ни друзей, ни родных
Только оборванных горсточка нищих
Да пара гнедых, пара гнедых
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A pair of bays

A pair of bays, harnessed since dawn,
Gaunt, hungry, and wretched to the eye,
You endlessly plod, trotting without brawn,
Causing sniggers in those few who are sly
Once you were the great coursers
And your drivers were dashing those days
Your mistress has aged along with you,
Oh, pair of the bays, pair of the bays
A Greek from Odessa, a Jew from Warsaw,
A young cornet and a grizzled general
Pleasure and sport each was seeking and saw
As they swooned at her breast one and all
Then where, in what a young goddess,
Are you now seeking your ideals
You, and only you are faithful to her nowadays
Oh, pair of the bays, pair of the bays
Quiet. Morn is foggy in the city blocks
Along the street slowly rambles the hearse
The harlot's remains are in the pine box
That's barely pulled by the pair of bays
Who'd walk the procession to the cemetery
She has neither relatives nor friends
There are few barely dressed beggars
And the pair of bays, the pair of bays
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"Пара гнедых" के अन्य अनुवाद
अंग्रेज़ी BlackSea4ever
SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat    शनि, 09/11/2019 - 05:03

I would downgrade "general" to "Lt Col" (but I suspect you will pass on this one;)
I really don't like the sound of:
A foggy morn in the capital
The harlot's remains are in the pine box
Imho, it ruins the impression of your effort. If you would change "capital" to the "city" it will improve the end of the line to the original meter ^= rather than ^== and you could find some easier rhymes. Maybe "petty" or "pretty".
And eternal question: a pair of bays or a pair of the bays. Your title is different from the text. You decide.