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Give You All The Love

I don't know what else that I could do
Travelled everywhere you asked me to
Seems like there's no way to make it through
Seems like there's no road from me to you
I was reading magazines all night
Yes, the people always talk their weekly fight*
But I grew up with bruises on these hands
I need something else to understand
I give you all the love I can make, oh
Everything I have, you can take, oh
But I'll never be more than I was born to be
If you can live with that, you can live with me*
'Cause everything is standing beside you*
Be the one that you can confide to
Hold you in my arms when you're falling apart
Maybe you're just in time but it'll never start*
I already know what you will say
Yeah, maybe I could change for you one day
But I've been trying every way I can
Long before this love of ours began
Maybe we're the car crash down the road
Maybe not enough to carry the load
Reason put aside just towards the collide
Maybe it's a hard thing to conceive
Maybe just a trip too good to believe
But I'll be waiting here for you
Oh no...
Oh no...
Oh no...
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