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My spoiled girl

My spoiled girl (means his lover) she got all the prettiness
I don't know what to call her
She is like a bright harvest moon
The twin of the harvest moon, she has no similar
My beloved she is completely pure
How beautiful is her smile and the way she walks!
No one in this universe can be compared to her
Even her mistakes make her more beautiful
I'm on my way to my beautiful's homeland
As long as my beautiful's homeland is my homeland too
The universe continues in spoiling her more
People are mentioning her with the good manners she has
I'm yearning and my beloved is too
I can't wait to see her
My spoiled girl is a pearl
I wish God would keep her and save her for me
“Whatever troubles that soul is reflected, magically, in the poetry. Reading Arabic poetry, therfore, is not an idle excercise. It is a trip inside the Arab soul.”
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लेखक के कमेन्ट:

It's very coming in the Arabic poetry to liken pretty girls to harvest moon .. In the past it used to mean that the girl is very white skinned and has a round face, her face is bright as moon .. But know it's common say so about any pretty girl not necessarily what i mentioned.

It's also very common in the Arabian Gulf to liken the beloved girl to pearls and diamonds, to show how precious they are, and how will the man will keep her protected and saved in a safe place.

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Delu3iti - دلوعتي

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