Dilemma (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद


I earnestly ran through the extremely cold dark road
Not wishing for something like light
Is loneliness frightening? If that's the case, I dare face it
Since if I will run away from it will chase me
Even at the very bottom of despair I won't be afraid for a moment.
I don't feel it. I can't feel it
As long as it has a simple meaning, I will stick to that resolve
no matter weak it is it will become my power
My strength, is it just for me sacrificing myself?
There's no such thing as perfection!
So I'll give a hard blow to that heart of mine
What do I seek? What can I protect?
Does the truth lie within my heart?
The screams worn out by doubt and solutions
echo​ in the depths of my heart
In the middle of this sensation I'm jolted for a moment
I breath. I'm breathing
If I were to feel like I've lost myself in the sensation of living
then the dilemma will beckon me
Will the ideal flower eventually start withering?
Reality alone being all there is...
I'll give it a hard blow with this arm
Do I seek nothing? Can I protect nothing?
Do I not understand things like the future and the solution?
The doubts gnaw at the truths and lies of my heart
Tomorrow as well I will hesitate as to what is the chosen future
Repeating it, I will today as well continue towards the future
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