Don't Stop Me Now (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)


Don't Stop Me Now

Lyrics by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang, KushitaMine
Composed by Lee Junho, Hong Jisang
Arranged by Hong Jisang
Please baby don't stop this music
何時間でも揺らす Beat on!
Ah もっと自由にはじけろ
どうかしてる奴らだけ ノッてみろ
一寸先の闇の中に アイを叫ぶ
Non,Non!! 意味ないや
Oh 僕のため Number oneに
なってくれよ 夜に響く Boom Boom
No future, No more chance
他の誰が 揚げ足取って蹴落として
気にするな Buddy マジな勘違いのままで Keep on
Don't stop me now
Don't stop me now
Don't stop me now
Right now
Lady I like the way you move ねえ ほら
Feel me 瞬間に満たしてこうよ また To love
甘い香り 吸っちまって
Go 群がる強欲なバタフライ
ガチな感情冴え渡った 問いかけてる
Zen,Zen!! 悪くはないね
Oh 僕のため Number oneに
ついて来んなら 激しい腰で Work Work
No music, No life さあ飛び込むよ
超特急な Sounds 振り回し
なぜか最高にいい気分 Rise up
揺さぶる罠 Feel the vibe
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Don't Stop Me Now

Please baby don't stop this music
No matter how many hours go by swinging around, beat on!
Ah bursting out with more freedom
Something's wrong with just them, trying to be smooth
Within an inch of the darkness, I yell out love
Forced to look into this sort of world
Non, non!! There is no meaning
Oh Let me become number one for my sake, ringing in the darkness boom boom
No future, no more chance
Is it futile? I know
Someone else will find fault in me and kick me down
Don't mind it buddy it's really just a misunderstanding, keep on
Don't stop me now
Don't stop me now
Don't stop me now
Right now
Lady I like the way you move, hey come see
Feel me, fulfill the moment like this, still to love
Sucking in and waiting on a sweet scent
Go, flock of greedy butterflies
These earnest feelings froze over, I ask that
If you are attracted to enthusiasm
Zen, Zen!! Not bad
Oh, for my sake if I'm number one, with heavy resilience work work
No music, no life so just dive right in
Wielding super-express sounds
It'll become like that
Somehow the best feelings rise up
I'll surpass the limit
Of the uncovered wild
Jolting the trap, feel the vibe
I want to feel it
I hope you like my interpretations of the songs.

I don’t care if you post these elsewhere. Just don’t go around saying you yourself translated it.
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