Erstes Morgenrot (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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The red of dawn

The red of dawn over the deep forests,
clouds are blown along by the wind, mist lies across the fields.
The red of dawn brings me a greeting from my homeland,
from the far off land where I was born.
I see the birch trees standing in the sunlight,
silver from the dew of the cool night,
and can understand the words of the songs
that made me so happy.
The red of dawn lies across the wide lakes,
grasses that stand on the banks sway in the wind.
I see the swans high above the field
on their flight northwards.
My family home and my friends,
what has become of them?
The red of dawn brings me the most beautiful dreams
from the far off land where I was born.
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Erstes Morgenrot

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