Faith Winthrop - Where Were You

  • आर्टिस्ट: Faith Winthrop
  • एल्बम: Havin' Myself a Time! (2001)

Where Were You

The lullabies, the tiny crib,
the nightly cries, the dirty bib,
the knowing eyes of blue—
where were you?
A booster chair, dame Mother Goose,
pink underwear, a red caboose,
a teddy bear named Pooh—
where were you?
Where were you?
I took the good times with the bad,
and did my best as mom and dad.
I tried to help you be a father,
but then I'd think, why bother?
The homemade kites, the mumps, the croup,
the sleepless nights, the chicken soup,
the insect bites, the flu—
I was there, where were you?
Long hair to braid, an English test,
a failing grade, a budding chest,
somehow we made it through—
where were you?
The school bazaar, the driver's ed,
a second car, a trundle bed,
the endless cries on cue—
where were you?
Where were you?
Your presence made a hollow sound.
When you were there, you weren't around.
At least your presence was consistent—
mostly non-existent.
The pimply dears who came to call,
the doubts, the fears, the Senior ball,
the endless cries on cue—
where were you?
Where were you?
The student loans, the clash of wills
with Mother Jones, the drugs, the pills,
the Rolling Stones, The Who—
where were you?
Stained-glass art, a redwood whirl,
a brand-new start, our grown-up girl,
a family barbecue—
where were you?
Where were you?
You spent a lifetime on the road,
and checked in for each episode.
Of all the thousand ways to hurt us,
why not simply desert us?
An autumn breeze, time-weathered hands,
old recipes, abandoned plans,
the memories accrue—
where were you?
Where were you?
As I go down life's laundry list,
my eyes are dry for all you missed.
Each absence was a tiny theft
and still it's like you always left.
We got along but I assure you:
you were needed and where were you?
Where were you?
Where were you?
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