[SOLVED] Why my transcription for the English version of Tra Te ed il Mare was unpublished?

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Hi! Alma Barroca?

I need to know why did you unpublished my transcription for the English version of Tra Te e il mare?

I'm aware that there is an older one published but it is not completed and mine was!!

I need a good reason to have unpublished my transcription?!

Did you take the time to check if the transcription was appropriated? Or you just unpublished it foolishly?

I published those lyrics since I am sure of what I'm publishing and the other user published them with missing portions and stated he could not make them out.

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Hi. Per indicated in the now unpublished page, you added a duplicate. Whenever you find incomplete lyrics, do not add the correct lyrics as a new song. Either leave a comment in the original page, use the 'Reporting mistakes' thread, or send a Mod/Editor a PM.

This is not proof of me doing a foolish job, it's just the rules of this website and, as a Mod, I abide by them.
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