[SOLVED] Help with French in a Polish song

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Hello, everyone.

Recently I discovered a song in Polish, Jezioro szczęścia ("The Lake of Happiness") by Bajm. I found the lyrics online, but the song features a small spoken part in French as well, which I couldn't find absolutely anywhere. I tried checking any official sources (album booklets, official websites), but the French lines are simply not mentioned anywhere. I could catch a few of the words, but because of the sound effects, I couldn't hear everything quite clearly. Here's my try:

Je suis les traces de tes doigts,
(mon) nageur,
[?] se souvient de toi.

The spoken part starts a few seconds after 3:00:

In the lyrics I uploaded, I've marked the missing part as [Tekst po francusku/Texte en français].

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I have added my suggestion as a commentary to the main page.

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