[English to Latin] Need help translating a phrase to Latin

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I've been warned about using Google Translator for Latin, but am trying to mock up a tattoo design. I'm looking for a Latin translation for the phrase "Here We Stand". Any help would be appreciated.

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Hic stamus.
I don't know how idiomatic that is, but at least it's grammatically correct.

Perhaps someone who reads Latin more often than I do wants to chip in, though.

Regarding GT, I wouldn't have expected it to be that bad, but it actually is.
It turns the phrase into "Sta hic sumus", which means "Stand! Here we are" or "Hic non stabit", which means "He won't stand" or "He/she/it won't stand here".

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"Hic stamus". There are other verbs which could mean "stand" in a context or other, and you could "pad" it a little e.g. saying "Hic nunc stamus" ("Here we stand now", although it´d me more like "Here we are now"), but if you want grammatical correction and the exact meaning, then "Hic stamus"

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That's a very popular expression in Latin. "Adsumus", it goes. "Here we are", "Here we stand" Regular smile

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I agree with all my fellow Latin speakers. 'Hic stamus' is fine.

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