Hello / こんにちは / Salvē / Saluton from Japan

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Hello, greetings from Japan.
I will work with Japanese (my native language), English, Latin, Esperanto (fluent) and some Slavic languages (which I started learning at university and still studying). I also studied some linguistics and phonology there, I hope it helps.Mainly I will translate National Anthems of various countries (At first I came here to do it) but now interested in other genres of songs.

Well by the way isn't my profile image suitable here? Like almost all other Japanese, I'm (often excessively) afraid of being impolite/rude/out of place etc.Please tell me if I do something wrong.
Nice to meet you all.



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あなたのプロフィールの画像はいいと思います。It's not offensive, so don't worry.
Feel free to translate everything you want. That would help a lot since I think we don't have that many Japanese to "something" translators.

I translate some songs myself, but my japanese is somewhat limited, so I don't attemp to translate all the songs I would like to. It would be great if you could proofread some of my translations when you stumble upon them.

Anyway, I hope you have a great time here at LT. It's really a nice place to test your abilities and help others in the process.

Best regards!

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Hi, there, welcome to the community. Make yourself comfortable Regular smile

But before that, you might spend some time reading our FAQ and our Rules

And take it easy, in no way is your profile pic inadequate. Don't worry.

Best to you,
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Salve! Exoptatus es hic! Optimum est aliquem invenire latine loquentem! Nesciebam antea homines qui latinam discuntur sive loquuntur in Iaponia!

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