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जुड़ा: 17.02.2012
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Hello everyone,
These days I found my translation used in YouTube I have no idea if this site has some copyrights over our translations but I think there is something that should be done to avoid unauthorized usage of our hard work. For example, the function copy can be disallowed so nobody can mark and right click copy or Ctr + C copy the content of the translated songs. We do this for free and basicly to help people to understand their beloved songs but when other people take advantage of this is at least not very polite and it force us to stop doing this at all.


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जुड़ा: 26.09.2017

But they gave the source to your translation here in LT. Isn't it the same as when someone copies original lyrics (and sources them) so we can translate them? I get what you mean, I don't like it when someone takes ownership of a translation, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

And about disabling the ability to mark and copy something within this site, I wonder if that would be a problem if someone wants to make an Annotation over a song, since you need to mark the fragment first. I don't know if there's a way to disable the Ctrl + C command only. I guess there is.

Sadly, not even that will stop people if the REALLY want to copy your work, they can still get the lyrics from the source code of the page (or whatever is called). Or they can just type it themselves and post it elsewhere.

I don't know how this works in your country, but translations are actually kind of copyright infringement because they're not authorized by the owner of the song/poem. We're not using them to make money so it's alright, but you can't have ownership over your translation. Legally speaking. Unless it doesn't work that way in your country.

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जुड़ा: 07.03.2019

If you're making a translation of the modern lyrics, you yourself already violating copyright rights of the original songwriter(s), since I assume you haven't ask for his/her permission to do so. So, unless you translate Shakespeare or Greeks, all translations are violations or copyright law in the first place.
In your position, you could only personally ask this youtuber to remove your text, but that's it.
And btw, I pretty sure that all translations are robo-copied to a number of LT-clones. At least all my works are.

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जुड़ा: 05.04.2012

I'm afraid we can't do anything, specially because they mentioned the source.

And both Musunee and Schnurrbrat are correct, depending on your country, contributing to this website could be ilegal as you have no permission to translate the works of others, even if you're not earning any money out of it.

As for robo-copies, at least they have not as much traffic and views as we do.

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जुड़ा: 12.07.2019

I suggested something similar as well but they are right there are ways to get our translations from the site even without copy/paste commands.
At least, in your case your work was linked back. One of mine was just used without any credit or whatsoever.

You can put a Translation Signature, if you don't already have one, from the Edit Profile. It doesn't restrict anything but at least you can remind visitors of the site to give you credit for your work.

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