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"No one attacked you, take it easy, people were only discussing the content of the lyrics you reported. Per request, topic closed."

It's not true. Please delete the previos topic quite. I didn't agree to discuss assumptions about my qualities, motives and needs. As well as Sophia's sexual preferences.

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<a href="/hi/translator/knee427" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1110108">Alma Barroca</a>
जुड़ा: 05.04.2012

I read all the comments left there - except for those that were not in a language I understand. At least the English comments were quite respectful, though they were later directed to the social role of women in different countries, still keeping no accusations or innuendos at all. Not knowing Russian, I can't judge content in it, so if you felt attacked you should, at least, provide a translation of the comments, as none of the Mods present in the discussion know said language.

As for agreeing on discussing, sorry, but at the moment you create a public thread in one of the forum rooms you're giving room for people - even those who disagree with you - to speak their minds.

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<a href="/hi/translator/greensattva" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1212099">Sophia_</a>
जुड़ा: 07.07.2014
Alma Barroca wrote:

Not knowing Russian, I can't judge content in it <...> provide a translation of the comments,

I'm sorry for using Russian in that topic, I was about translating my comments into English with the help of [@ingirumimusnocte]

tanyas2882 wrote:

making me unsolicited diagnoses.


tanyas2882 wrote:

Sophia's sexual preferences.

I don't feel like I am offended by Michael's wild guesses about my sexual preferences Regular smile

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