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Hi, there.

Which artist should be the correct one? German Folk, Heino or Military Music? Honestly, if the song isn't originally by Heino, they can still be linked via 'Also performed by'. And even more honestly, theoretically all the entries are allowed to remain. However, I do think that the 'German Folk' entry could go down as it seems more a military song than traditional German music, but I don't know the song enough to say.

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we have like ten versions of Ghost Riders in the Sky on LT
so it's not a problem I guess

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I'd eliminate the German Folk entry, as it is more a military song, often played at soldiers' funerals.
Not really folk, in my opinion.
But that's only my opinion, the German Folk entry is actually better, with more information than the other entry and more translations. It might as well stay.

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You could set the German Folk entry as primary, the Military Music entry as secondary, merge them, move them to Military Music, and inform the translators of the changes.

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