Give me a break

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"Give me a break" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

Giv mig en chance

Meanings of "Give me a break"


Give me a chance to win

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When used interjectionally, means you'd like the person to stop bothering or harassing you.

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Used to express exasperation, protest, or disbelief.
Like; "Give me a break—I just deliver the stuff"
"The accident wasn't my fault, so give me a break."

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Άσε με ήσυχο

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के जवाब में का अनुरोध

Просьба дать передышку (в каком-то деле, в разговоре)
Просьба дать время придти в себя/собраться с мыслями
Просьба дать шанс (сделать что-то снова/повторить попытку)
Просьба дать отдохнуть (когда собеседник замучил)

В целом это восклицание замученного чем-то человека, которому требуется передышка, чтобы придти в себя, собрать мысли в кучу и продолжить.

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ostavi me na miru

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Dame un descanso (Let me/Give me a Rest/Relax/Recess)

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Genelde bunalma, bıkma ve yalnız kalma isteği gibi durumlarda kullanılır.
1- Beni rahat bırak
2- Bana biraz izin ver

Örneklemek gerekirse;
1- Suçlanan bir kişinin şöyle demesi gibi;
Onun ölümü benim suçum değildi, bu yüzden beni rahat bırak!


2- Ödevini son on dakika kala yapmaya çalışan bir öğrencinin şöyle demesi gibi;
+Atakan ödevini yaptın mı?
-Neredeyse bitmek üzere, bana biraz izin ver.

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लिरिक्स में "Give me a break"

Saad Lamjarred - Wrong

You were wrong, you come to me feeling sorry
You said to me give me a break please forgive me this time

Marc Anthony - It's Delicious

Use the spray
Let's go in the shadow, because today I'm gonna do it like Gray
If you want, we can go again, but give me a break

Stray Kids - Voices

I'm curious, just talk about it shamelessly I'll just continue yawning
Why are you only saying that speakers, increasing your tone, raising your voice
I don't care anymore, don't care no more, that's enough just give me a break

Aziz Maraka - Oh

I feel as if

Oh, give me a break
Let me love you

REOL - Give Me a Break Stop Now

(I'm done listening to this)

Give me a break! Stop now!

Steven Universe: The Movie (OST) - Other Friends

<em>I'm rusty, give me a break!</em>

Bengü - Pity

Cound't know my Apocalypse, scammed me
Poor thing, crushed under my Love
Now just give me a break for a while

Cartoon Songs - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

(that's a fact jack)
Rapheal is cool but crude,
Rapheal: (give me a break)
Michaelangelo is a party dude.

Pero Zubac - Mostar rains

and who is this, Zubac Pera, that he would be the one
and no one else,
give me a break, was he nothing less
than Brando or what.

Maja Berović - Number

Whenever I see you, that brings me back to life
If I see you, everything will stop,
You won't give me a break, and that will shorten my life

REOL - Give me a break Stop now (ギミアブレスタッナウ)

(Cut it out!Give me a break!)

Alkistis Protopsalti - Let's Go To Hawaii

Do the ironing, clean up**, sweep before he comes home
After lets go to the street-market then OTE***, water, DEH,****
To pay, give me a break!
If you are home, then get ready for Hawaii,

J Álvarez - Que Lo Que

You gave into it
You cra you cra craaaaaaazyyyyy!
(Give me a break, I got it for you, you were late)
Daddy got himself that girl

Angel & Khriz - Na De Na

be calm (take it easy)
That good things take time
Just give me a break so I can lift your skirt
and see you in a thong, "patanga", attention getter (?).... (Uuuy!)

REOL - Give me a break Stop now

( ii kagen ni shite )
( Cut it out ! Give me a break !)
( mō aki aki da )

Amal Maher - I Am Your Love

I am calling you, my love, my precious I want to be with you I dream of your return to me
How the long I remained in need of him
And my puzzleness crowd over me,whenever I tried to figure things out,give me a break

Camila Cabello - Not Killin' It Today

No today is not my day
Hahaha, gotta laugh
Someone please give me a break
It’s written on my face

Bring Me the Horizon - Ludens

Oh, give me a break
Oh, give me a break
Oh, give me a break, okay
Ugh, oh

Khalil Fong - Baby Bye Bye

What went wrong?
And whose fault is this?
Please give me a break!
You lean on my shoulders,

Jack & Jack - Promise me

Nothing to see, it's not you, it's not me
It's just water in my eyes (Water in my eyes, yeah)
Give me a break just to steady my chest
This all hit me by surprise (Hit me by surprise)