go for it

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"go for it" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

δωσ' του (γερά)
Échale ganas
Ponele huevos

Meanings of "go for it"


действуй,сделай это

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Göreyim seni

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yürü be kim tutar seni

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लिरिक्स में "go for it"

Marc Anthony - Seem Like Fridays

they seem like Fridays
Because you go eh, eh ... eh
Go for it Sergio

Lea Salonga - Sing Philippines

Hit the high notes! hit the high notes! your voice is astounding!
Oh hit it up! oh hit it up! You can do it, go for it!
Hit the high notes! hit the high notes! oh-oh how intense!

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

This time for Africa
This time for Africa
We're all Africa

Stray Kids - my side

i'll achieve it all
if you're ready to achieve your goals too
make the decision and go for it

Canbay & Wolker - For Sure One Day

Find me in the roads papa, the streets, I'm home
Death will protect us every night, what can I say
(We'll see you for sure one day)

Kishore Kumar - Life is a journey

You'll see the right thing but you'll never know
And in this fog things are changing
One day we have to go for it, at darkness or daylight, morning or evening

GOT7 - Let Me

Will you believe me now
Don’t listen to what other people say,
will you for me?
I follow your heart


Water is bursting like Coway
There’s no time for intros
Don’t run away, go for it
It’s too loud, just signal me OK

NRG Band - Ok oh Bride

Bride go for it, go for it don't be shy
Go for it (luje is hard to define it can be used in many different ways) with that boy
Do it obviously

Alekseev - Forever

No need to worry, rain falling down
It’s our happiest story and there’s no one around
We will go for it, and I know you’ll be mine, forever
Windows wide open, flying so high

Álvaro Soler - Hysterical

I take you very little by little
Hysterical, by your side, so hysterical
Go for it, friend, ton-ton-ton
I slow you down little by little

Felipe Araújo - A Little Late

The part that I ask a good wine
The glass doesn't deserve to take off your lipstick
I got it, I have the talent for that

Residente - Sons of the Reedbed

In the fourth, Luisito Sans
In the bongo, Antony Carrillo
Talk to the saints, go for it

KMFDM - Heave-ho!

Go for it
Spit into your hands
Let's go for it

Don Omar - I want you for myself

For me, for me
I want you just for me
For me, for me [x2]

Maluma - All Alone

I swear she's got a fine figure
She's got elegance and a nice do
Her passport has no more room for stamps
She's single and roams about without direction

Ben Mazué - Us Against The Rest of The World

That it can finally happen to belong

We may not be one of them, but if you want us to go for it
It's that you also think it exists

Luis Fonsi - Slowly

Oh, boy ! How much is given.
You know that your heart with me it beats like crazy
You know that this charmer its thirsty for congress
Try my mouth to learn what kind of taste will let

Jovanotti - A Ray of Sunshine

as good as love
I bring you as a gift a ray of sunshine
a ray of sunshine for you
what do you think

Cro - Bye bye

Had life planned for a long time,
But just that tiny question about their name or some of your crap (gebracht hat - brought. Don't know how that fits in)
And for that reason I think to myself, when it calls/means: yeah