By the handful

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Meanings of "By the handful"


by the amount that one can measure in one handful

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in amounts equal to a handful

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Explained by StavroulaStavroula

1. Пригоршнями (это смысловое значение встречается чаще всего);
2. Горстями.
3. Сколько в руку влезет (о деньгах и т.п.)

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Explained by BratBrat

लिरिक्स में "By the handful"

Roksana Węgiel - I promise

Every night will shine with a million stars for us
and we'll take life by the handful again.
We'll learn to laugh again.

Alisa (Russia) - Wave

Here comes a wave! Look to the sky,
catch the mist by the handful
Here comes a wave! Don’t fear the thunder:

Wale - The Girls on Drugs

[Verse 2]
In her purse where her hand go
She disperse by the handful
Coco make her go up

Yanka Dyagileva - Rizhskaya

And you can cast all your words in my ice hole
You can throw all your knives at my door frames
Toss your peas at my walls by the handful

Yanka Dyagileva - Riga Song

And you do throw your words right into my ice hole,
You do throw your daggers at my door panel,
Throw your peas against my walling by the handful.

Mariana Popova - I Walk (Heart)

They robbed me by the handful
Of my dreams, illusions and my love
My heart is tired
To be a heart for someone else's life

Mara Aranda - The Smugglers

And on their way to Galliners<fn> a village in the municipality of Vilademuls (Pla de l'Estany).</fn>, there they found the smugglers.
Cut down and shot, they cast aside the brave smugglers.
At the sight of so much money, they wished to grab it by the handful.
Oh song, who was it that told who was there,

La Gale - When the Justice...

They rule ith a high hand a flock who's happy to work
Four generations of C license without naturalisation<fn>In Swiss (Karine Guignard aka La Gale is Swiss), the C license or permis C is a license delivered to foreign national living in Swiss for almost 5 to 10 years, which allows them to work, to move from a Swiss canton to another, to own real estate, but doesn't officially make them Swiss.</fn>
Propaganda by the handful, colour Waffen-SS
Constantly confirms what we're saying for so many years

Armand Mestral - A peasant's creed

I trust in Your greatness, in Your kindness.

When the time is right, I throw by the handful
In the furrows dug by the plough