a heads up

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Meanings of "a heads up"


To give someone "a heads up" is to alert them to some situation or event which is likely to interest or affect them.
The metaphor relates to the need to lift up your head and eye level in order to see something significant of which a companion is already conscious.

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Explained by AglathAglath

Συνοπτική προειδοποίηση

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привлечь внимание, предупредить кого-л. о ситуации или событии, которые могут (обычно: негативно) отразиться на нём.

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Guns N' Roses - Bad Obsession

I can't stop thinkin'
Thinking 'bout sinkin'
Sinkin' down into my bed
I call my mother

Icona Pop - Heads Up

Hey, save your love for later
This is overrated
Just a heads up