Henry VIII - The tyme of youthe is to be spent

  • आर्टिस्ट: Henry VIII ( Henry VIII)
English (Middle English)

The tyme of youthe is to be spent

The tyme of youthe is to be spent;
But vice in it shuld be forfent.
Pastymes ther be I nought treulye
Whych one may use, and vice denye;
And they be plesant to God and man,
Those shuld we covit wyn who can;
As featys of armys, and suche other
Wherby actyvenesse oon may utter.
Comparysons in them may lawfully be sett,
For therby corage is suerly owt fett:
Vertue it is then youth for to spend
In goode dysporttys whych it dothe fend.
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