hit the wall

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Meanings of "hit the wall"


to reach a point when you're running , playing sports where you are so physically tired you feel you can't continue

Explained by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on सोम, 15/08/2016 - 16:47

όταν φτάνεις σημείο που δεν μπορείς να συνεχίσεις από την κούραση

Explained by Stavroula on सोम, 15/08/2016 - 16:52
Explained by Stavroula

Essere troppo stanco per poter continuare, emozionalmente o fisicamente

Explained by QuothTheRavenclaw on शुक्र, 09/09/2016 - 13:44
Explained by QuothTheRavenclaw

"Golpear la pared"
Cuando alguien está demasiado cansado para continuar

Explained by SoPink on सोम, 15/08/2016 - 16:57
Explained by SoPink

När någon är för trött för att fortsätta

Explained by SoPink on सोम, 15/08/2016 - 16:58
Explained by SoPink

लिरिक्स में "hit the wall"

Wisin & Yandel - Reggaeton in the dark

A perreo in the dark ha-ha-ha-hard
You have a future, I capture you in the corner (hard)
Come on hit the wall and we dance without haste
Baby if you're with me, I set the system for you

Momoland - BAAM

Why do you bother why
It seemed to draw a line.
That's when he hit the wall.
How do you do that

Ahmed Mekky - Atr El Hayah

he gripped me hard from the hand, and I pushed him
he hit the wall and looked at me,How did his son hurt him!!

Miroslav Škoro - How do you have the right?

I remember you as far as my memory goes
You were always in the right place
And closer to the fire

LeeSsang - You're The Answer To A Guy Like Me

When you said you wanted to break up,
I got mad and yelled and drunkenly hit the wall
I bump shoulders with a passerby and

Matheus & Kauan - Let her kiss

There's no danger (I know)
It may work with somebody else, but not with me (Not here!)
You're gonna hit the wall
You don't even believe it (Do you believe it?)

Andy Grammer - Smoke Clears

[Verse 2]
And when I hit the wall
Back in December

Gigi D'Alessio - My love

My love
with no goodbye you're leaving me
but your silence seems to say that you've hit the wall
like melted snow in the sun you're crying, it's inevitable

Luis Fonsi - Breathe

Blind fold, crossing between fear and grief.
Alone from faith, you hit the wall
You screech the  tablecloth, 

Glance - In pieces

And everything that has been, has been, and is useless
To waste time with regrets
And hit the wall with our fists

Roxette - Crash! Boom! Bang!

'Cause every time I seem to fall in love
Crash! Boom! Bang!
I find the heart but then I hit the wall
Crash! Boom! Bang!

Elena Paparizou - Gigolo (English)

Tricks and traps
no I don't fall for that
Hate to stay but you hit the wall
I don't fall that easily

Eivør - Cradle the Child

If the child will not hush,
Grab the leg,
Hit the wall,<fn>i.e. with the child!</fn>-
Then the child will hush.

Eminem - Run rabbit run

Instead of staring at this wall and shit,
While I sit writers block sick of all this shit,
Can't call it shit, all I know is I'm about to hit the wall,
If I have to see another one of mom's alcoholic fits,

Movits! - Nitroglycerin

like Tel Aviv and dynamite
//verse 2
like I already hadn't hit the wall and passed thru it
when it doesn't work anymore

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

Your pain is what we desire
Lost (lost)
Hit the wall (wall)
Watch you crawl (crawl)

Kent - La Belle Epoque

I no longer vote in the election
I'm the Eurovision Song Contest
I am the ones who hit the wall
I am the ones going through the screen

Petter - Logical

completely different but look the same [fn]"skalet identiskt" = identical shell; meaning that you look the same way outwards[/fn]
could die for my wife, but that's not the truth right now
I'll hit the wall and just fall to pieces
before I understand what happened and what bridges I've burned

Roxette - You Don't Understand Me

We said, "Goodnight" but the silence was so thick
You could cut it with a knife.
We've hit the wall again and there's nothing I can do

Wesley Safadão - My Heart Is A Total Loss

I didn't hook up with anybody else
Waiting for you, I trusted too much
I made a mistake again, I hit the wall