Ignorance is bliss

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Ignorance is bliss (अंग्रेज़ी) — You don't what to know the details. Such as if you were buying something that was stolen. The less you know the better

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Ignorance is bliss — Mas wala kang nalalaman, mas mabuti

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Ignorance is bliss — ~ Κάποια πράγματα είναι καλύτερο να μην τα ξέρει κανείς ή να μην τα ξέρεις
~ η άγνοια είναι ευτυχία, η άγνοια είναι ευλογία

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Ignorance is bliss — *Neznanje je blaženstvo
-Nešto što kažeš što znači da ako ne znaš ništa o problemu, da te nije briga o tome
-Bolje je neznanje nego da znaš o nečemu i brineš o tome

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Ignorance is bliss — Okunnighet är salighet

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Translations of "Ignorance is bliss"

अंग्रेज़ीThe less you know, the better.
अरबीفي كثرة الحكمة كثرة الغم
एस्पेरान्तोKion mi ne scias, tion mi ne envias.
कैटलनCom menys se'n sàpiga, millor
डेनिशJo mindre du ved, jo bedre
तुर्कीCahillik mutluluktur.
पुर्तगालीA ignorância é uma bênção.
फारसीبي خبري خوش خبري...!!!
फ्रेंचMoins on en sait, mieux on se porte.
रूसीМного будешь знать, скоро состаришься
रूसीСчастье в неведении
रूसीМногие знания - многие печали.
रूसीМеньше знаешь - крепче спишь.
स्पैनिशLa ignorancia es felicidad
स्लोवाकČím menej vieš, tým lepšie.
स्लोवाकZlatá nevedomosť

लिरिक्स में "Ignorance is bliss"

This fucking system is not your friend
And understand they controlling your thoughts cause they got a lot to win
Niggas get turned away when I mention this
Ignorance is bliss but I don't give a fuck, I won't censor shit
The Matrix is real and you done entered it
It's way too intricate for you to ever realize that, you fucking simpleton

Hopsin - Fly

If she really knows the truth she deserves you
A trophy wife- oh, how cute!
Ignorance is bliss
But when your day comes and he's through with you
And he'll be through with you!

Kelly Clarkson - Never again

Do you see what I see?
Why do we live like this?
Is it because it's true
That ignorance is bliss?

And who are they?

Jem - They

What far away corner
Shadows chasing each other on the wall
Your scent reaches me
Ignorance is bliss
And I need you

Gianna Nannini - Patience

And it’s a shame, the way I want to do these things for you
Yet don’t even cling to you, take time to sit and glean from you
It seems like you were patient in my ignorance
If ignorance is bliss, it’s ‘cause she never heard of this

[Chorus – Andy Mineo]

Lecrae - Background

The world’s eyes lookin’ down
cuz we seem different.
We got each other and who cares who knows.
If ignorance is bliss, why they're still bitchin’.
Haters eat our dust
cuz the wind’s gonna blow.

Adam Lambert - Hold On

(Immortal Technique)
When I was a kid I believed in democracy
and prayed each night in poverty thanking
ignorance is bliss, it's actually a jungle
change the world it's not something they suggest you (no)
they tell the egyptians rebellion is terrorism

Nach - Requiem

Thoughts free flow try to consume myself in this
I'm not faithless
Just paranoid of getting lost or that I might lose
Ignorance is bliss cherish it
Pretty neighborhoods you learn to much to hold
Believe it not

Flyleaf - So I Thought

Se ela realmente soubesse a verdade ela te merece
Uma esposa de trofeu como lindos
Ignorance is bliss
Mas quando o seu dia que chegar e ele e terminar com voce
E ele sera atraves com voce

Kelly Clarkson - Nunca Mais

Dear God definitely has mercy on you,
because it is written: "Ignorance is bliss!".
But sometimes I ask myself: Who should adhere to this?
Can heaven cope with this many ignorant people?[fn]The quote "Ignorance is bliss." is told "Blessed are the spiritually/mentally poor." in German. So in the lyrics, he's actually asking "Can heaven cope with this many blessed people?"[/fn]

You stupid

Wise Guys - You Stupid

You leave your trash to the corridor
That won't interest no one
Pure cocaine
so 'ignorance is bliss'

Here even a 40 yr olds dress like pissis [3]

Super Janne - Gangsta Groove

Uh, I wish we could just pretend to be
Like we always were before as happy as the Kennedy's
No one told Jackie about Marilyn's tendencies
Ignorance is bliss when you're married half a century
Life is too short, trying to hold it all together
It's gone before you know it but tonight could last forever

G-Eazy - Marilyn

Did one say so cruel
'Tis better to love and lose
Ignorance is bliss
Wish not knew your kiss
So many times been burned

Type O Negative - Anesthesia

Because nothing's real I'm reminded
I Do suppose
Ignorance is bliss truth be told
They say go smash these groupie hoes
N Spend money on some newer clothes

G-Eazy - Don't let me go

To our dreams
We wanted an answer to our dreams

Ignorance is bliss
When adulthood we can resist
To embrace the years with grace

Marc Almond - The Stars We Are

(I don't wanna know)
(I don't wanna know)
(I don't wanna know)
Cause ignorance is bliss
I can hardly see
What's in front of me

Hinder - Bliss (I don't wanna know)

If ignorance is bliss,
Then eradicate my knowledge of my history
Now meaningless, left on my own
I looked for a long time,
Crossed paths with your kind
But some things are better left alone

From First To Last - Shame Shame

Fame, you follow it blind
You're shamed, if not with your kind
And all the knowledge in the world couldn't save you from it
All your ignorance is bliss and that's the way they want it

And they will label a traitor if you speak out of turn

Hypnogaja - They Don't Care

You understand how to hold the mic little by little
I have a hold on things, I'm not letting it go
Life gives you lessons
Ignorance is bliss
I push harder

Erin - What remains here

and make believe that this is all, as we know all is, as we know what all is
and strange how how we can't understand,
compared, earth is only a grain of sand,
when faced with this, I can't deny that ignorance is bliss
When all things flow eternally, and no man is ever there to see
the great eternal unperceived, what is existence

Týr - Sand In The Wind


Don't want this, it's true what they say
Ignorance is bliss, find another way
In my mind it's all good now

Mnemic - Ghost

when everyone´s a critic
and no one really gives a shit
when our hate goes viral
If ignorance is bliss?
How do we live like this?
there´s nothing we can do

New Years Day - Epidemic

And in the land of the free
You know nothing comes for free.
I'm struggling to find any poetry in this
Someone beat me to the line ignorance is bliss
So I guess I'll just say it how it is
You had it all, you fucking pigs!

Architects - These Colours Don't Run

And that's dangerous
Dangerous to know

Ignorance is bliss
You're safe when you resist
There's no safety in a kiss like this

Hilary Duff - Dangerous To Know

i was close to go and trying some coke
And a happy ending be slitting my throat
Ignorance to cope man
Ignorance is bliss
Ignorance is love, and I need that shit
If I never did shows, then I'd probably be a myth

Kid Cudi - Soundtrack 2 My Life

and live without sorrow.
How I envy you,
though pity your ghost.
Ignorance is bliss.
I wish I could never love you.

Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed

And the good old rock'n'roll is dead
Burning down like falling stars
Wasting life behind the bars
Life of ignorance is bliss
And I don't know why I'm doing this
You can take me for what I am

Red Elvises - Don't crucify me

Or far from your conscience?
As the petals of life
"ignorance is bliss"
The sad remiss
To the clarion call

Death In June - Kameradschaft