Indian summer

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"Indian summer" के प्रतीकात्मक अनुवाद

Estate di San Martino
Babie lato
पोलिश #1, #2
L'été indien
Бабье лето
रूसी #1, #2
Бабље лето
Miholjsko leto
Veranillo de San Martín
Vénasszonyok nyara
Indián nyár

Meanings of "Indian summer"


a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.
a period of happiness or success occurring late in life.

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Explained by O_KO_K

लिरिक्स में "Indian summer"

Teoman - Two Strangers

we're two strangers...

<em>From an indian summer day
or from "the sheltering sky" movie

Joe Dassin - Indian Summer

And we will still love each other, when love will have died
Our whole life will be the same as this morning
With the colours of Indian summer.

Joe Dassin - Een mooie nazomer

Het was herfst, een warme herfst
Een seizoen dat alleen in Noord-Amerika bestaat
Daar noemen ze zo’n nazomer een “Indian Summer” (1)
Maar het was gewoon onze zomer

The Doors - Indian Summer

Indian summer
That I meet in the summer
Indian summer
I love you, the best

Joe Dassin - Indian Summer

And we'll be in love again, even when the love is dead
The whole life will be like this morning
In the colors of an Indian summer

Joe Dassin - The Indian Summer

All the life will be the same as this morning

With indian summer's colours

Đorđe Balašević - st.Mihael's summer (Indian summer)

After half past noon she had
a piano lesson
and then she was measuring the town with her step

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer

चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे
चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे
चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे
चाँद पे लें गये यार मेरे

Jem And The Holograms - Youngblood

Pounding like thunder
Prowling the night
Hot like an Indian summer
Beat of a drummer coming alive

My Indigo - Indian Summer

Show me what it takes for the dead to rise
Just say the word and I’ll paint the skies
For an Indian summer to come alive

Nani Bregvadze - Snowfall

Don't you knock on my door, don't circle near my gate
Snowfall, snowfall, if a woman asks
Don't hurry to rush her Indian summer
Don't hurry to rush, don't hurry to rush

Georges Brassens - Saturn

let's have a walk in the garden.
Come and pluck the daisy
of the Indian summer.

Ukrainian Folk - Beloved

I fell in love with you here in the Fall,
Yellow leaves then did fall from the trees.
The Indian summer ensued in sweet dreams,
And my love there did blossom.

Vladimir Vysotsky - Indian summer

Muddle up nights and dawns ...
There is a turbulence, there is a turbulence -
Indian summer, Indian summer.

Stereophonics - Indian Summer

It was a cold September,
Before the Indian summer,
That's the thing I remember,

Skaldowie - You

You’ll be an ungraceful poem and a cricket in the chimney,
Indian Summer in autumn and a carol in winter,
because this is how it’s meant to be: where I will be, you will be too.

Emily Dickinson - Indian Summer

Jetzt kehren Vögel wieder heim
ein paar nur - einer oder zwei
für einen Blick zurück

Emily Dickinson - Indian Summer

These are the days when Birds come back
A very few—a Bird or two
To take a backward look

Kati Kovács - Indian summer

And love will come with us, let it happen so.
A ray of light beautifies our life,
The Indian summer accompanies us.

Amanda Marshall - Dark Horse

If we let this, let this dark horse run

Indian summer, Abeline
You were new in town, I was nineteen