James Madison - Clio’s Proclamation


Clio’s Proclamation

Whereas a certain mongrel race
of tawney hide & grizly face
Have dar’d to prostitute my name
To raise the scribbling fools to fame
I hereby send this Proclamat[io]n
To every land & every nation
Declaring it my full intention
To free the world from this convention
And as a sanction to my word
I’ll drive the dogs with fire & sword
Hedlong down to Pluto’s coast
There in boiling flames to roast
And then their bodies I’ll resign
To gnawing worms & hungry swine
Or to manure the farmers field
For much of dung their trunks will yeild
Very like it in their nature
As sprung from every filthy creature
But first selecting from McOrkle6
And every other stinking mortal
Whateer may be of use to those
From whom the wicked wretches rose
The poet Laureat head who scoops
May make a drum for yankey troops7
B’ing quite as empty & as sounding
His skull full thick to bear the pounding
While eckley’s8 skin & jakes9 together
When tan’d will make a side of leather
Just fit to cloath McOrkle bum10
Which now becomes a battering ram
And plac’d before a city wall
Will ward of[f]11 many a whizzing ball
And by its monstrous stench may save
Ten thousand yankes from the grave.
Great Allen12 founder of the crew
If right I guess must keep a stew
The lecherous rascal there will find
A place just suited to his mind
May whore & pimp & drink & swear
Nor more the garb of christians wear
And free Nassau from such a pest
A dunce a fool an ass at best.
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