Je veux (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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I want

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Give to me a suite in Ritz, I don't want this!
Nice jewels by Chanel, I don't want this!
Give to me a limousine, that's not my wish! papari papa pari
Offer me some personnel, you're still amiss!
A chateau in Neufchâtel, won't give a piss!
The Eiffel tower as well, is not my dish! papari papa pari
eeeeeeh aaaaaaah
I want to love, have fun, a good heart enjoy!
It's not all your dough that will bring me joy!
Me I want to part with hand on my heart!
Start hands in hands discover my liberty,
forget your ways of misery,
you're welcome to my reality!
I'm fed up with your fine airs, too much for me!
Me I'm eating with my hands, my cup of tea!
I speak harsh and I am frank, so pardon meeeeeeeeee!
Enough hypocrisy, I can't, I'm sick you see!
I am fed up of endless cant, just look at me,
besides it's y'all I do not want, but that's just meeeeeeeee!
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Je veux

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