Kaki King - Life being what it is


Life being what it is

You put a note in my pocket
Said "be good to yourself"
And that was all
Life being what it is
We all dream of revenge
Open your eyes for a second
Just to roll them at me
I stared straight into the sun
Something to concentrate on
And if you turn it on you'd find
I've written you a thousand times
You would do anything
You'd give up everything
For God knows why
I just can't stay
Till you're gone
I won't wish you well
I won't see you off
I won't try to call if I see you in my mind
I'll say to you
It's not your fault
You said "I'll see you in September"
But that's not long enough for me
You put a note in my pocket
So it would take care of me
But that was all
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