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Cold Heart

I know what you're doing
I know why you're doing it
you fight back without knowing
You cross borders to tear out
Breaking with the norms
To free yourself from the chains
Everything crushes you, lets you act
You don't know yourself anymore
What did they do to you?
They made you out of it!
You like strong pain
You have a cold heart
You are torn inside
Sometimes your conscience troubles you
You like perverse games
Only that gives you real feelings
You are torn inside
What do you care about your conscience?
The constraints imposed on you
they need a valve
This creates a new constraint
You reach for extreme means out of urge
Excesses all night long,
until you discharge yourself
Now you have to live with shame
even if it doesn't suit you.
The mind is clear until darkness falls
which conceals the sins and briefly gives you the freedom
Thoughts are impure until work calls you
and caught up with these constraints
What did they do to you?
They made you out of it!
You like strong pain ...
You are not alone with your shame
none of us is without sin
  • 1. Word to word translation would be more like "What have you become because of them, what person have they formed of you".
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