Kentsel Gidişim (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Deserting Urban

Istanbul, I defeated you, now I'm on you Izmir
How I am conditioned, everyone got a trouble with me
There is tea if you drink, there is love if you believe
In my happiest deppression all troubles be with me
This life cannot be lived if you cant kid with it
Don't take yourself that seriously, come lay next to me
I've come to this world for vacation
There is no transformation, this is deserting
The truths are bitter, idiots hurt me
There is no transformation, this is deserting
The life looks difficult, but it is much difficult
I let the bridges illuminate you which were burned by me
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Your God can't help you within my walls. But rest assured, you shall be on your knees
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Kentsel Gidişim

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