Komm mit mir (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी

Come with me

Come with me, we'll fly over the land
Make it comfortable for you, but fasten your seatbelt beforehand
I give it gas and I'll show you the world
So far as you like it, and you glow and appear like the rims
[Part I: Savas]
You are sweet like a mini with a figure like a 6er
With leather seats, the right rims and all extras
With steam under the hood fresh like straight from the factory
And your paint has until today not yet glimpsed the light of the day
So hot so fresh so flawlessly spotless
You bring the sun in my life like a convertible
You are cool like a Hummer beautiful like a SL
And I hold the lane when you hold me firmly like a handlebar
Baby I needed a new helper
Then you give gas from 0 to 100 like 911
And you don't need much consumption not much
You close off when I overdo it but we roar through the target
That is Need For Speed when I shoot the ignition and your motor goes
I press and you immediately go off
We need no airbag, I drive you carefully
And make no Kick-Start, you make my dick hard
[Part II: Savas]
They say "Wow look at the woman"
And get faces longer than a Audi Avant
You are my Ghini without labs
Without rrari you want to turn up, we go to a party
We are like Rollce and Royce, Aston to Martin
You take the breath from me like the wind at 220
And on wet days you are my windshield wiper, you make the rain go away
And you clear my view and fill my tank with every word
You are my ABS, my Distronic and my ESP
My Lex, my Benz, Porsche, or BMW
To be with you is like left track and no speed cameras
Looking at the world is just big enough for us both like a two-seater
Lean back let us navigate and not panic
Then I'll make life easier than an automatic for you
And our life is like a diesel that remains for so long
But first let me in your gearbox with my fender
I hammer hammer hammer hammer double-quickly
Look at the GPS and the places I'll take you to in the Porsche
[Hook 2x]
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