L'amour m'a tué (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी

Love has killed me

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Would I ever have the guts
To return to the battle
I still have some blood left
Under my fingernails, I think
That it’ll take much more time
To forget someone like you
Washing, even scrubbing
Doesn’t get the bloodstains out
Why must it always be such a nightmare?
Is this what it’s like to die?
I’d heard you snap your fingers
And sure enough I’d crawled back to you
I was always standing to attention
When you inspected my body
I have this love bite stuck on my neck
Like a sign of remorse
But to think of something else
Perhaps I should break my arm
I know love has killed more people
That a whole century of cholera
I’ve seen thousands of them die
And today it’s my turn
Thank you for wearing kid gloves
To tell me that you didn’t love me
I found it so charming
The compassion that accompanied your voice
The crime is always more elegant
When the killer is highly skilled
And you move away, and you move away
And I do nothing about it
One rarely wins
By behaving like a cretin
I should have run after you
Thrown myself at your feet
There’s no more self-respect
Love has killed me
I won’t fling at your suitcases
All the reproaches in the world
The room is in silence, my sweet
Not a sound in my cemetery
Yes, I should have held you back
With what I did not have
With diamonds or menhirs
You see I’ll say anything
Just to go on a little further
To fall from a bit higher
I lost you like a cretin
Like I told you earlier
And behind the glass
I see all of our plans
Losing blood by the liter
Dying in their incubators
The nurses' white uniforms
Have never excited me
They can go and mix up the names
Besides, babies are all ugly
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L'amour m'a tué

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