Le bulletin de santé (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Health Report

I lost my jowls, I lost my potbelly
And this, so clearly, so suddenly
That people suspect an ailment of the worst kind
That mocks Asclepius and is blowing his mind
The Loch Ness Monster having faded away
In some papers when news are sparse
Systematically, obituarists start playing
At burying me under a shroud of rags
But, tired of being used as the victim
Of the mendacious stories told about me
I of excellent health and constitution
Am coming forward to scream the whole truth
The whole truth, dear sirs, here I give it to you
If I left the ranks of the more-than-200-pounds
It's because of Mimi, of Lisette, of Ninon
And many others, can't remember their names
If I betrayed the fat, the rotund, the obese
It's because I fuck, fuck, fuck
Like a goat, a ram, a beast, a brute
I'm haunted: the sex, sex, sex, sex
To be clear, I have the soul of a satyr
And its behavior, but it doesn't mean
That I have its talent, its genius, far from it
Not one yet has yelled "Bravo!"
Among other fine conquests, I have, on my pink
List, a good number of journalists' wives
Who, believing me dying, make an honest effort
To give me happiness for the very last time
It's beautiful, it's generous, it's great, it's magnificent
And, in the most pornographic of positions
I honor them with folded buttocks
On heaps of tabloids, packs of unsolds
And that's how, when your spouses
Show their behinds to the world and to yours
Often one can read, printed in reverse
The latest rumors, gossip, and little tales
And if you hear rising through the walls
Of these ladies' boudoir, grunts and moans
Don't say, "Here's Uncle George's last breath"
It's quite simply the sighs of the angels
And if you hear yelling like in 1914
"Rise, corpses, rise!" don't get wound up
It's an editor-in-chief's exalted wife
Who's inciting me to enter her anew
Indeed, it happens sometimes, unfortunately
That I lose a few feathers on the battlefield
Hippocrates says: "Yes, these are genital warts"
To which Galen answers: "No, it's gonorrhea"
They're both right, Venus sometimes gives you
Some mean kicks that a good Christian forgives
Because, if they cause damage to manly attributes
They rarely put your life in jeopardy
So, yes, all these are results of my escapades
The pleasure bark is being quarantined
But I don't have yet, no, no, no, three times no
That mysterious ailment that can't be named
If I betrayed the fat, the rotund, the obese
It's because I fuck, fuck, fuck
Like a goat, a ram, a beast, a brute
I'm haunted: the sex, sex, sex, sex
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Le bulletin de santé

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