Le cœur chargé comme un fusil (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवादअंग्रेज़ी

The heart loaded like a rifle

We last saw each other a thousand years ago
You had your pocket full of cobblestones old friend
We all wanted to be like you
You had revolution shining in your eyes
We spent hours listening to you
Telling us how one must never grow old
And then we went back into the night
With our hearts loaded like rifles
And fuck me sideways
You too, you’ve got in line old friend
You too, you’ve lain down
So you too, you’ve lowered your gaze
Where is he my crazy mate
Who screamed into the night
Who carved dreams into our hearts
And who warmed our hearts from head to toe
Until late into the night
We knocked three time on the door
Then we lit candles
We drank hot wine
We repainted life 1
It finished up with songs
That spoke of revolution and also of love
And then we went back into the night
With our hearts loaded like rifles
You see I, I would have given everything
I would have followed with my eyes shut
I would have killed for you
You can’t do this to us
No not you
Don’t leave us with holding our dreams in our hands
All the girls and all the boys
We were all in love with you
We listened to you burn away the night
You heart loaded like a rifle
One day we will have children
One day I swear it here
They’ll take our rusty knives
To fight, to share life
They’ll go out into the street
As we wanted to do
To bite the bastards
Who made their father cry
And they’ll embrace the night
Their hearts loaded like rifles
  • 1. or possibly re-combed it, but probably notl!
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आख़िरी बार सोम, 01/08/2016 - 10:35 को GavinGavin द्वारा संपादित

Le cœur chargé comme un fusil

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अंग्रेज़ी Gavin
Idioms from "Le cœur chargé comme..."
petit élèvepetit élève    शनि, 30/07/2016 - 23:08

Y a mille ans on s'était croisé -> more like "we had met" I think (i.e. they parted ways a long time ago)

Et putain tout fout le camp -> ...and call me skippy ? :D.
That's spot on: an outcry of pained disbelief!

qui nous réchauffait -> I understand it rather as "warmed(comforted) us". "fire up" would rather be "chauffer"

On repeignait la vie -> a French life would rather be repainted than recombed Regular smile

Ça finissait par des chansons -> why not "it ended up in songs" ? From the rather dated saying "En France, tout finit par des chansons" ?

avec nos rêves sur les bras -> "sur les bras" is an idiom meaning "embarassed with something you must handle alone". Not sure the English implies the same.

brûler la nuit -> maybe more like "burn the night away", but this is open to interpretation (could be "burn at night" too)

I swear it hear -> some slip of the tongue?

GavinGavin    सोम, 01/08/2016 - 09:39

We had met ...sounds a bit unnatural, but I've rephrased it to better capture the meaning.

Sur les bras is maybe better translated as "in our hands" in that case, it implies responsibility better.

GavinGavin    सोम, 01/08/2016 - 09:29

Indeed - "or strap me to a tree and call me Brenda" (Viv Stanshall) - We have loads of these. :-)

That repeignait - I just could not decide - To comb over something ie go over in great detail sounds reasonable but had no idea if it was used that way in French. Repainted was my preferred choice.

So would you say it's the evening that end with a song - or - that their exploits ended up being sung about?

petit élèvepetit élève    सोम, 01/08/2016 - 10:33

"God strike me pink!" is maybe my favourite. Colorful idioms are probably the number one reason why I enjoy English so much.

I understand "repeindre le monde" as an unusual metaphor for "refaire le monde", so "repaint" seems OK to me.

Yes, I think it means the evening ended with songs. The other sense would require something different, like "finir en chansons" or "finir dans des/les chansons" maybe.