let things slide

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Meanings of "let things slide"


to ignore one's work or activity

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не обращать внимания; закрывать глаза на что-л.

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"Oluruna bırakmak,Akışına bırakmak" Şeklinde çevrilir

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लिरिक्स में "let things slide"

Cro - Now

And the good old times are now, now,now, now,

Hey yo, only a few people can let things slide
Some die without having felt life, that's a real pity

Simge - Camera

It was me until today, who does what came to her mind
Who does what she like, who let things slide
Play for me, come on, the rest will follow

Judith Holofernes - The War is Over

They drink tea from broken cups
One sometimes just has to let things slide
And only in the same way for those who fade away on the walls

Idina Menzel - Heart On My Sleeve

She will never learn your tranquility
She will never learn how to let things slide off her
Joy overwhelm her and her sorrow won't subside

5 Seconds of Summer - Over And Over

And I know, and I know, and I know
And I know we’re wrong
We should have let things slide

Prozzak - How Beautiful

I know that lately I've been kinda into myself
And I let things slide just a little too much
Every once in a while I'll be telling you that I love you

Allison Iraheta - No One Else

Got myself to blame for my
Difficult days and my difficult ways
But you, you know how to let things slide
I'm more perfect in your eyes

ABOMINANT - Fight To Be Free

I am sick and tired of the way you've let things slide
Just because we're young doesn't mean we can't decide
If you think that we ain't got a thought inside our heads
I'm telling you right now that you better think again