Hymne à l'amour (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

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Hymn to Love (English title: If You Love Me)

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The blue sky may fall on us
And the ground may crumble away
Little I care, if you love me
I don't give a damn about1the whole world
So long as love floods my mornings
So long as my body quivers under your hands
Little I care about problems
My love, when you love me
I would go to the end of the world
I would have myself dyed blonde
If you asked it of me
I would go unhook the moon
I would go steal a fortune
If you asked it of me
I would renounce my friends
I would renounce my country
If you asked it of me
Let them laugh at me
I would do no matter what
If you asked it of me
If one day life tears you away from me
If you die, though you be far from me
Little I care, if you love me
For me, I will die too
We will have eternity to ourselves
In the blue of all immensity
In the sky [or: in Heaven], no more problems
My love, do you believe that we love each other?
May God reunite those who love
  • 1. lit.: I fuck myself of
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Hymne à l'amour

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