Lijepa bez duše (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद

Beautiful without soul

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You're still beautiful
But I'm leaving tonight
You can keep all your tears
They don't mean anything to me
It doesn't matter anyway
You wont understand
Living with you
Was worthless
Never enough
For love to repay
Time without joy
For a bit of youth
For your eyes
I would have give my life
Glory to the dead
But I'm still standing
I still belive
That love exists
And i wont be sorry
When I see you with him
It wont hurt me
Because I would know who you are
How you can act
When you're safe
I was always losing
When I was loving
And you're a part of that
divine sin
You will always stay
Beautiful, without soul
And now take your clothes off
And seduce me
Win me over one more time with your lips
Break me till the end
Beautiful without soul
anareina द्वारा रवि, 07/03/2010 - 23:00 को जमा किया गया

Lijepa bez duše

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