Loki (अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद)

प्रूफरीडिंग का अनुरोध किया
अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद


The night comes and I feel it deep in my bones,
now in the distance I hear her cry.
Dearest sister, who was always so pure,
nothing will I allow to come to you.
Long hours children played together,
the little siblings Odin made.
I reacted ill and have lost Brynhildur.
This is his will.
Know not understand.
Would take clear beliefs
and oppress them
We had no one and always were poor
though nothing seemed to hurt the siblings.
I didn't know to value wealth.
I crouch wretched and listen to myself breathe.
Loki’s children, I fought them all,
bound some and injured some and got to know some of them closely.
This hero journeys far and wide,
a wretched man who cannot die.
Sold my sister
I work desperately.
Mourning I shall avenge.
To keep hatred’s promise.
Chaotic life shakes,
a slow wedge goes through your heart.
Keep narrowing,
Spit covers the snake's face.
Endlessly you will endure the trial,
you shall be the most tormented of all maidens
Every day
evil will bite
tender soul that cannot die.
To sustain time, heathen hate
foolish Odin promises.
Dear soul oars beat,
never shall sleep
I am Loki, I am Loki,
you are under my yoke,
Hilmar Baldursson.
Malice baited, rarely soothed
as sorrows work.
Its goodness is always doubted
and not found sufficient.
I am Loki, I am Loki,
you are under my yoke,
Hilmar Baldursson.
Subjected to weapons causes no ones’
evil under yoke.
Moistened, Midgard’s eyes would open
Odin calls Loki.
I am Loki, I am Loki,
you are under my yoke,
Hilmar Baldursson.
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Anyone want to look this over? Most of the first part makes sense, but the last few verses not so much.

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